Giuliana Rancic reflects on how her life has changed since leaving E! News in 2015: ‘I never gave up my career’

Guilian Rancic opens up about how her life has changed since being on a daily TV show and what has she continued to achieve as a working mother.

Giuliana Rancic is the familiar TV-face celebrity news-crazed fans know. The 43-year-old TV presenter became a household name after years of interviewing celebrities as a host on E! News. But in 2015, but that changed when she decided to go away from the daily grind of the red carpet behind to spend more time with her family.

“I think as a working mom, we pulled in a lot of different directions and of course we want to be there for our family and for our work, and I think that for me it was finding that balance,” she said. “There have been times in my life that I had to scale back from work, because I wanted to be with my family, and I felt that that’s where I was and where I wanted to be and that was OK.”

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Rancic served as the host for the E! News for more than a decade for making the decision to make her position in 2015. After a public battle with breast cancer in 2011 in addition to a hard fight with the pregnancy via IVF, finally having a child in 2012, the entertainment news, icon decided to take some time for herself and spend more time with her family.

“When I pulled back out… doing a show every day, I was with my family, but I never gave up on my career,” she said. “To a certain extent, I am always busy with E!… They are in my house; they are my family, but it also gave me the opportunity to focus on my other businesses as well in my restaurant, my clothing line on HSN, my love, that I started right I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and we started with a prosecco.”

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Rancic shared some advice for fellow working parents.

“Always try to find a balance, because the balance will never be the same in different stages of your life, so it takes planning,” she said, explaining that she never does anything without mapping. “It is as if you were in a car and not knowing where you are going. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to get far. For me, I always have a roadmap and I always have a plan.”

Rancic now spends her days at home in Chicago with her husband, Bill, whom she married in 2007, and her 6-year-old son, the Duke. But despite the fact that more time at home, the entertainment entrepreneur is still in motion. Recently, Rancic helped host E!’s Gala special and the royal wedding. They also relates to both the 2018 SAG and Grammy Awards, after the news that the former E! News co-host Catt Sadler, made the decision to leave the network because of the discover of a pay difference with co-host Jason Kennedy. Rancic, who worked with Sadler for several years noted that, as a woman, she supported her colleague’s decision to share her story.

“I’m all about women telling their stories, and I think that’s so great,” she said. “That’s what I try to do all the time. For me, that’s really all I can do, so giving people that chance is great.”

Giuliana Rancic host of the Grammy Awards on the red carpet special for E! a month after Catt Sadler parted ways from the network.


When Rancic is not on the red carpet, she is busy with a mother. And with motherhood in mind, the E! a correspondent recently partnered with the American Egg Board to make egg-based recipes for the launch of the Disney sequel “Incredibles 2.”

“As someone who owns the restaurants and also as someone who grew up in an Italian family with a mother who is a chef, this was a total no-brainer and I was very excited to be a part of this,” she said of the American Egg Board partnership.

Rancic and her husband are co-owners of the RPM restaurant chain. And while having a famous name helps people in the door, the TV host said that their focus has always been producing good quality.

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“Food and service first. We have always stuck to that since before we opened, and we knew that that’s always going to be what we focus on,” she said. “I think you hear about people in the entertainment industry, becoming partners in restaurants or try to open restaurants, but it is difficult and you don’t always succeed.”

Rancic has a lot of success in her life.

“My job is to interview and I want to give people a platform,” she said. “That’s one of the things I love most about my job is that I can give people a platform and to strengthen their voice so they can help people outside of Hollywood.”

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