Giroud puts Chelsea in the lead against Liverpool in the Super Cup

Uefa Champions League winner, Liverpool’s struggles Wednesday night in Istanbul, with Chelsea, the Europa League, but was conquered by, the European super cup. The match at the stadium of Besiktas is at 21: 00 hours began. Follow our liveblog.

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The european Super Cup · 3 hours agoto Rest.

The teams have to go to the tea with a 0-1-ahead for Chelsea, against Liverpool). Giroud makes nine minutes for the opening goal of The Blues’, which is a lot better to play in than the Champions League winner, and the best opportunities. Briefly, for the rest, it adopts Frappart and a goal by Pulisic for the champions League winner, and rightfully so, for being offside.The european Super-Cup · 5-minute geleden44 “After a strong phase of Chelsea football club is Liverpool, and there, just before half-time again, but The Reds’ can’t be dangerous.The european Super Cup · 6 mins ago –Olivier Giroud celebrates his opening goal for Chelsea.European Super Cup – · 9-minute geleden40′ Pulisic will find the following a great action to re-target for Chelsea, but Frappart approve of the match, and rightfully so. The man goes to the inside and shoots from the edge of the sixteen-in the lower left hand corner, but as he gets to the ball just before buitenspelpositie.The european Super Cup, · is a 13-minute geleden36′ GOAL in Chelsea! From 0 to 1

On the other hand, touch for the home team. After a nice pass from Pulisic will slide Giroud get the ball past Adrián at the far corner.The european Super Cup · 16-geleden32 ” The game is up and down and a round of golf. Now it appears Chelsea are, with Kovacic again on the enemy target after a lovely through ball from Pedro, but Those will be good target and works the ball away.The european Super Cup · 20-minute geleden29′ it’s a danger to Liverpool. Van Dyke stands at the corner of the top of the defence from Chelsea, the Dutch international is selling the ball.The european Super Cup, · a 25-minute geleden24′ Chelsea is growing more and more threatening. Now, try to Giroud with a bicycle kick, but the attempt made by the French striker is more than in addition to.The european Super Cup · 27 minutes and geleden21′ my god! Almost to the edge for Comfort. Pedro shoots in from a tough angle on the goal, but the ball hit the crossbar.The european Super Cup · 32 minutes ago,with The spectacular bicycle kick from Sadio Mané with Andreas Christensen to the ball, his arms are getting.European Super Cup – · 33 minutes and geleden16′ Great chance for Liverpool: Salah will be sent out by Oxlade-Chamberlain, and it was close, but the shot is blocked by Arrizabalaga. In the attack, died from Chelsea, immediately of danger, but to shoot Giroud in front.The european Super Cup, · is 35 minutes geleden13 There is a spectator on the pitch in Istanbul, but the flight attendants are again removed. A short while before going to one in favour of the Mané following a corner about it.The european Super Cup, · a 38-minute geleden11 On the other hand, attempts to Pedro with a shot distance of just out of the sixteen, however, the stakes will disappear in a little machine next to the target.The european Super Cup, · a 39-minute geleden9′ of Liverpool runs with the pressure of what to do, and that will lead to a slight chance for Fabinho. The Brazilian shoots from a tough angle to really get a danger to take care of it.European Super Cup – · 43 minutes geleden5 On the other hand, is trying Mané with a bicycle kick, and the ball is close up against the arms of the Film, but Frappart provides a good opportunity. You can then Matip with a header for the first try between the posts, but it Arrizabalaga, get the ball right in his hands.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden4′ Chelsea appears Pulisic, for the first time in the enemy’s zestienmetergebied, but to the defence of Liverpool, working the ball, trouble-free way.The european Super Cup in one hour, geleden1′, The first of which seems to be of Stéphanie Frappart like a Turkey. Which team will be the 44th edition of the European Super Cup?The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenDe of the players of Liverpool and Chelsea to enter the field in Istanbul. We are going to almost start over.The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenDe visitors to the NUsport app, it will have a lot of confidence in Liverpool, and, as will be clear from this poll.

Who will win the European Super Cup?

  • Liverpool are in the regular speeltijd89%
  • Liverpool, after a verlenging4%
  • Liverpool, after a strafschoppen2%
  • Chelsea, at the regular speeltijd3%
  • Chelsea, after a verlenging1%
  • Chelsea, after a strafschoppen1%

The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenLiverpool keep great memories of Istanbul. In 2005, it was conquered by the English club on a sensational manner, with the Champions League final in the Turkish city against AC Milan, to return to the fight on a 0 to 3 gap and, after a penalty shoot-out to win.

Previously, in Istanbul. ⏪?

AvatarAuteurLiverpool FCMoment of plaatsen19:03 pm – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup and one day ago, Liverpool and Chelsea were last season and three times against each other. In mid-april, won for the team of coach Jürgen Klopp in the Premier League on the final match at Anfield 2-0. At the beginning of the season, and played for the team for the tournament with a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge and has won Chelsea’s time in the League Cup 1-2.The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenDit is in the bowl, where the teams tonight will be competing in the 44th edition of the European Super Cup.

? The prize on offering at Besiktas Park ?
#In particular

AvatarAuteurUEFA #SuperCupMoment of plaatsen19:33 – August 14, 2019Europese the Super Cup in one hour geledenDiverse Liverpool and Chelsea players have played previously in Istanbul and play a game of soccer with the disabled person about the boys. They did this to the Turkish sports Federation for the Physically Disabled.Liverpool and Chelsea players to keep the ball high and disabled jongetjesEuropese the Super Cup in one hour geledenDe players at the start of warm-up in Turkey.

Lead them out, skip ?
It’s a warm-up time ?? #To

AvatarAuteurLiverpool FCMoment of plaatsen20:35 – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup-four hours ago,Liverpool was the European Super Cup for the fourth time to win. The Champions League winner was in 1977, 2001 and 2005, the price of the lift, and lost it in 1978, and in 1984 to the final round. Chelsea won the European Super Cup only in 1998, and was made in 2012 and 2013 and runners-up.The european Super Cup in one hour, geledenDe of the players of Liverpool, who, Virgil van Dijk, Georginio Wijnaldum, and Ki-Jana, but how Far, it will appear in the box. A little more than half an hour until kick-off.

? Those, Milner, Henderson, & Fabinho-all start for Liverpool tonight.
#To | @LFC

AvatarAuteurUEFA #SuperCupMoment of plaatsen20:14 – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup · 2 hours agoThis is Stéphanie Frappart France. It is tonight’s referee for the match for the European Super Cup between the Champions League winner Liverpool and the champions League holders, Chelsea. This is the first time for a woman to be a European competition at the highest level in the men’s score.The european Super-Cup · 2-hour geledenAdrián, this summer, what happened to West Ham United, will defend for the first time since the kick-off for the purpose of the club.

? Those take-offs for the first time for Liverpool in ?
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AvatarAuteurUEFA #SuperCupMoment of plaatsen19:58 am – 14 August, 2019Europese Super Cup · 2 hours ago there arethe eleven names of Chelsea football club, where ‘N’Golo Kanté ‘normal’ for the first to appear. Due to a minor injury, it was uncertain as to whether the French midfield tonight and was able to start it up, but he’s fit enough.

Chelsea: Arrizabalaga; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Christensen, Emerson; Jorginho, Kant, Kovacic; Pulisic, Giroud, PedroEuropese Super Cup · 2-hour geledenDe the players of Chelsea football club sign up at the mobile Park is in the historic part of Istanbul, the home base of Liverpool.

“Let’s go, lads! ?
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AvatarAuteurChelsea FCMoment of plaatsen19:47 – 14 August 2019Europese Super Cup · 2 hours ago –here is the compilation of Liverpool for the evening. Virgil van Dijk is in the base, and Georginio Wijnaldum will have to settle for a place on the bench. Also, Ki-Jana, but how Far is sitting on the substitute bench for The Reds’.

Liverpool: Adrián; Gómez, Matip, Van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Milner, Henderson; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mané, SalahEuropese Super Cup · 2 hours agoKeïta is not suited for Liverpool
Liverpool have this evening in the match for the European Super Cup against Chelsea, without a Near Keïta set up. The Guinean midfielder has been suffering from a muscle injury, that he was in last night watching tv, during the training of The Reds in Istanbul.The european Super Cup · 4 hours agothe supporters of Liverpool, and is in the mood for a few hours before the game against Chelsea is already very good at it.The european Super-Cup · 5-hour geledenGeorginio Wijnaldum, can’t wait to get to the start of the fight for the European Super Cup between Liverpool and Chelsea. The kick-off is tonight at 21: 00 hours, carried out in Istanbul.

MATCHDAY ?? the Big game in Istanbul tonight! ??✨ Are you ready for the #To Last!? ?

AvatarAuteurGini WijnaldumMoment of plaatsen17:10 – August 14, 2019Europese Super Cup · 7 hours agoTo get this trophy this evening in Istanbul, to do it. For the first time in six years and won the European Super Cup, not with a Spanish team to go to. Liverpool and Chelsea will go on to compete to be the successor of such former winners are:

2018: Real Madrid??
By 2017: Real Madrid??
2016: Real Madrid??
2015: FC Barcelona’s??
2014: Real Madrid??
2013: Bayern Munich??
2012: Chelsea??
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