“Girls often get only autismediagnose as a situation escalates’

“Girls often get only autismediagnose as a situation escalates’

Autism in girls is often later recognized than that of boys. Often it is only discovered if there are emotional and behavioral problems arise, but that is actually too late.

That is to say, the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and psychiatric setting Yulius on the basis of a research.

It was already known that autistic girls are less likely to be diagnosed than boys. The new research shows that it often only is noticed if there are serious problems arise.

“Because girls in general are more sensitive to social expectations than boys, they may be considered a greater burden experienced as a social, not chancellor,” said research leader Kirstin Greaves-Lord. “Still trying to adapt and their limitations hide can lead to fear, sadness, anger or physical symptoms. Actually, it is suffering so, as had already been done.”

The researchers call for more attention to the fact that children with autism are girls different than boys, so that there is not only will take action if the situation escalating.

Gender differences

For the study, more than a thousand children between 2.5 and 10 years old are screened. The same percentage of boys and girls was given a risk score on autism. They were boys after follow-up more than twice as often with autism diagnosed.

Possible girls can have their limitations in research to better hide. The researchers warn for missing autism in girls. Greaves-Lord: “on the one Hand, we should not too quickly to a diagnosis. On the other hand, wants you to prevent the problems have already escalated. We can do that by more attention to gender differences.”

The research is published this week in the scientific journal Autism.

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