‘Girls of six find themselves less talented than boys’

‘Girls of six find themselves less talented than boys’

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Girls should be self-explanatory at the age of six are less talented than boys, says a Us survey.

The research team, which consists of employees of Princeton University, New York University and the University of Illinois, thinks that the ‘discouraging’ results could indicate problems in the future careers of girls. That they tell at the website of BBC News.

The research, published in the scientific journal Science, was conducted among 400 U.s. children who at the age of five said their own sex ‘brilliant’. A year later, the same children are again tested, but this time, there would be differences between the sexes are observed.

According to the research team, there would this time be any stereotyping, that would have been caused by the exposure of the children to the media, teachers, parents and other children.


During the research there were groups of children of five, six and seven-year-old to experiments exposed. One of them was the children a story read aloud that it was about someone who is “very smart”, while the story is not revealed who this person was. Hereinafter referred to as the children were four pictures, two men and two women, and asked them who they thought the main character in the story was.

The five-year-old boys in the study would all to a man have chosen and of the girls of the same age chose 75 percent as a woman. When a year later the same question was asked, would the boys still for a man to have chosen, while the girls are now more inclined to also for a man to choose.

Board game

During another experiment, played a group of children a new board game, that for some of them a game for “children that are very smart” and for others it is a game for “children who really do their best”.

The six-year and seven-year-old girls would be inclined to, like the guys from the experiment, the game for kids who “really do their best” to like it, while they would have shown the game for smart kids is less fun to find.

One of the researchers, Professor Andrei Cimpian, tells the BBC that the result of the research proves that young children are exposed to the prevailing idea that a genius is more often a man than a woman.

“It is discouraging to see that these ideas are at an early age when children come to the surface. Then you realize that it was still a whole fight will be to girls in mind,” said the professor.

Cimpian suspect that children at an early age under the influence of stereotypes in the society in their path. “When you have five, six or seven, don’t you think about your career, but you make all decisions about what subjects in school, you follow and what extracurricular activities you choose. Even if a difference is very small starts, it can quickly grow into something big,” said the professor.

Hard work

Co-researcher Dr. Lin Bian advises parents and teachers to put the emphasis on the importance of hard work. She tells the BBC: “It has been proven that everyone benefits of enjoy if you believe that hard work, the ultimate step is to be successful.”

From the research, it would appear that girls are very sensitive to the messages that were about “hard work” and that makes them just as interested to play the game as the boys. “Therefore, it is very important to young girls to put the emphasis on the fact that hard work leads to success,” said Bian.

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