Girls gain, on average, less pocket money than boys

Girls gain, on average, less pocket money than boys

Girls between five and sixteen years in Great Britain get an average of 2,20 lbs (2,55 eur) per week less pocket money than boys. They will also receive less financial responsibility over their money.

Research shows this under 2.000 schoolchildren by Childwise, reports The Guardian. It shows according to the organization, that already at a young age, an income inequality between men and women.

Boys are between five and sixteen years on average to 10.70 pounds (12,41 euro) in pocket money, chores or paid work. Girls in the same age group get 8,50 pound (9,85 euros). The inkomensgat between boys and girls increases as they get older.

Between the eleven and sixteen year old get boys, on average, 17,80 pound (20,64 euro), compared to girls who are about 12,50 pounds (14,50 euro). A difference of 30 percent.


Parents give according to Childwise allows different signals to guys and girls. Guys get money regularly at a young age and should often decide themselves in which it is issued. Parents are more likely to keep control over which girls to spend their money.

“Guys seem more to be trusted with money, while girls are more dependent on others stuff for them or buy their money to manage,” says researcher Jenny Ehren.

Girls also get their parents often expensive purchases, such as clothes, shoes, make-up and toiletries. That bridges according to the researchers, the gaps in earnings largely. “But the way of how they finance must manage continues to be different.”

The Guardian writes that in Britain, the gaps in earnings between full-time-employed men and women, as’n is 13.9 percent.

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