Girl special doll in honor of its Army deployed father found, back at the airport after viral Facebook campaign

A Kansas youngster was so happy to have her lost toy back to her at the Kansas City International Airport, thanks to the help of two watchful women, and a now-viral social media campaign.
(Dina Morley)

Mission accomplished.

A little girl in Kansas can now rest easier is reunited with her special “daddy doll” that she cuddles with almost every night, in honor of her father, who is currently deployed overseas with the Army. The 6-year-old was delighted to recently have the lost toys back to her at the Kansas City International Airport, thanks to the help of two watchful women, and a now-viral social media campaign.

On 22 March, at the airport staffer Dina Morley was shocked to find the military-inspired pop on the air hub, KMBC reports. She knew that the beloved, the camo-printed trinket, with a picture of a smiling man and a small girl, had to be special.

“I work in valet services by Southwest Airlines,” Morley told the outlet. “A customer walked up to me and said she found on the ground. I loved the valet services for a few days, in the hope that someone would call or come back, but nobody did.”


Enlisting the help of her friend, Heather Parsons, the women took on Facebook and was contacted by KMBC, with the question of whether the news outlet would help spread the word of the lost toys.

Sharing a picture of the pop and a bit of background on Facebook, KMBC the post was allegedly shared more than 5,000 times within an hour of the story hitting the Internet, racking up hundreds of likes and supportive comments, the outlet states. Better yet, the owner of the doll was quickly identified as well – a 6-year-old girl with the name Katherine Whipple.

Katherine’s mother, Army Capt. Eileen Whipple, said that she was afraid the doll was lost forever after her daughter misplaced the toy somewhere for the family to board a 6 a.m. flight from the Kansas City airport last week. Katherine’s father has a large Army stationed in Fort Leavenworth, according to the outlet, and will return home this summer after a year away.

“I was on a trip with my 18 month old and my 6-year-old,” Eileen recalled. “We are very, very late and they stopped and started to tear up when she says that she thought she fell. I checked the photo I took of her to commemorate the trip, and didn’t see it in her arms, so I thought that they are in the car or in the house.”


Fortunately, the lost pop has made its way back into her arms, after someone contacted Morley on Facebook and has contributed to the preparations for the Whipple family pick up the doll at the airport.

“My daddy doll,” said Katherine when Morley and Parsons gave her the special item during the Tuesday meetup.

Eileen said that she is grateful that the kindness of strangers led her daughter and her doll back in her arms.

“She sleeps with almost every night,” the captain said. “I have a very sad girl,” Eileen said.


Reps for the Kansas City airport not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on the story.

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