Gilroy Garlic Festival, the archer should ‘rot in hell’, ” said the Nevada man, who allegedly sold gun to killer

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Investigators are trying to piece together the events that led to the deaths of three people, plus the gunman, a popular food festival, Jeff Paul reports from Gilroy, California, usa.

The gun shop owner who claimed to have sold the gun used in Sunday’s deadly shooting rampage at a California food festival, says he wants to be the 19-year-old attacker will “rot in hell”.

The comments on the Facebook page of Big Mike’s Gun and Ammo, located in Nevada, the police will continue to comb through Santino, William Legan, the scarce presence of the social media for any clues that might point to a motive in the attack. The New york times reported, the researchers noted an Instagram account, Legan’s name twice in the minutes before he sprayed bullets at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, crowd, wounding at least 12 are dead and three, including a 6-year-old boy.

“The shooter is in a hotel, and I hope you rot in hell,” the post on Big Mike’s Gun and Ammo, and the Facebook page. “We are praying for the victims. My heart aches for all of them.”

In this aerial photo, emergency vehicles, on the right, and walk between the vendor booths at Christmas Hill Park, on Monday, in Gilroy, Calif., the site of the shooting on the previous day at the Gilroy Garlic Festival.


In a previous post, signed by “Mike”, and described the store as “a little home business that” sells “people that we think are fair to citizens and to promote the safe sport of shooting.”

“I didn’t know this person. He had the gun in my web page. When I saw him, he was happy and didn’t show any cause for concern,” the post stated. “I would never sell a firearm to a person who has acted wrongly, or it seems to be associated with a bad group, and white power. Everyone is my brother, my sister, and I am in mourning for the family.”

The police on Monday, said Legan legally purchased his shotgun on the 9th of July, in Nevada, where buyers only need to be 18 years old. In California, the minimum check-in age is 21.

A federal law enforcement official that spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the gun Legan is used — it’s a WASR-10 semi-auto, — was bought from Big Mike’s Gun and Ammo. But the official added that the Legan and broke the law by carrying a weapon into California, where it is a firearm in violation of the state’s assault weapons ban.

A police officer photographs a car outside the family home of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, shooter, Santino, William Legan, on Monday. (AP)


The police have not yet determined a motive for the shooting.

The Instagram account-with Legan in the name self-identified as an Italian and Iranian descent. It only took three posts and a trailer on the social media site took it down on Monday. Be the first one to post on it on Thursday, and the last two seem to have been made, and only for a few minutes before the shooting.

One of these two messages, it shows a picture of Smokey the Bear and urges people to read a 19th-century text of the New york times reports, it is favored by some of the most marginal groups.

“Why overcrowd the cities, and even more open space to make room for the hordes of the [Hispanic], and Silicon-Valley white-t—s-s?,” the post added.

Another post shows a picture of what appears to be from the people streaming in for the food festival.

“Ayyy, garlic festival, you can be wasted on expensive s—t, that post says it all.

Susan Meyer and her husband, Michael Oshan, listening to a song during a vigil Monday for the victims of the shooting. (AP)

The investigators also carried out searches on Monday to the properties associated with the Legan, and have been seen in one of the houses in the performance of what appeared to be bags of evidence. The vehicle, Legan, reportedly went to the festival to look for as well. The police have not yet revealed what it is to be found.


A resident who lived on the other side of the street in one of the houses, the Legan family home in Gilroy – told the Associated Press that Santino was “a nice, normal family”, but have not lived in the house in the course of the past year.

“So how are you going to do,” said Jan Dickson, a neighbor. “They have to do with the fact that their son did this terrible thing, and he’s dead.”

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