Gijs Staverman’t make it to semi’s It Takes 2

Gijs Staverman’t make it to semi’s It Takes 2

Gijs Staverman miss next week the semi-finals of duettenstrijd It Takes 2. The Radio 2 presenter ended up Sunday evening in the danger zone with Ruben Nicolai and Bibi Breijman and got the least votes of the publieksjury for his duet Without you that he is in the RTL4 show performed by Anita Meyer.

Gijs Staverman took in the fifth episode of It Takes a 2 with raised head goodbye. Previously had Hanna Verboom, rapper Emperor and Hans Klok all leave. “I find it very unfortunate. It was a feast. I loved to do and with so many people sing songs is something that I have long time not to have done,” says Staverman.

Holly Mae Brood, She Ragas, Bibi Breijman, Ruben Nicolai and Buddy Vedder stand next week in the semi-final of the It Take 2. Then sing the CELEBRITIES not only duets with the professionals, but they get the task of a solo to sing.


Holly Mae spent Sunday a tribute to her father, Herman Brood and showing at the top of the standings. They shared the stage with Dany Lademacher, the guitarist from the Wild Romance, where her father was for years occurred. Together with Waylon she sang one of his greatest hits: Never Be Clever. Holly Mae received from the jury three times to 9.5, which is exceptional in the show.

“What was your good! The whole beginning had to be on your own, that was your moment. You wore it as an artist. I was fascinated by it. You sang pure. It was sexy, it was cool. It was the best experience of you until now” ruled judge Nielson about Holly Mae.

Gerard Ekdom got to say goose bumps and said his criticisms were: “This was great fun, with a little help from above from your father. You sparkled, you shone, it sounded fantastic. You have great singing. You will get of me a deep bow.”

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