‘Gifted children are getting more and more frequent psychiatric diagnosis’

‘Gifted children are getting more and more frequent psychiatric diagnosis’

Children who are highly talented are given according to experts more and more often a psychiatric diagnosis, such as adhd or autism.

That sets hoogbegaafdheidsexpert Lianne Hoogeveen of the Centre for Begaafdheidsonderzoek (CBO) Saturday in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

“We see since few years, more and more gifted children and young people with a psychiatric diagnosis. In many of these cases doubt we or that diagnosis rightly stated is,” says Hoogeveen.

According to the CBO know schools are often not how they have to deal with the problematic behavior of gifted students. Children are sometimes busy or withdrawn. An unknown number of these children is placed on the secondary special education, where the highest level of general secondary education. It is according to the national organization Office Onderwijsconsulenten sometimes advised to students to place in special education, despite the fact that these students cognitively, there is not positionable.

Dual diagnosis

It was until 2011 unclear how many pupils with a dual diagnosis, such as intellectual giftedness and adhd, had. In 2015, by the Office Onderwijsconsulenten eighteen of these pupils is monitored.

Hoogeveen will find that there to fast conclusions to be drawn about a child. “A child that is not challenged can exhibit behavior that looks like a disorder.” The psychologist says that gz-psychologists “are more modest may be in the set of diagnoses”. “A psychiatric diagnosis is a description of behavior and that makes it very, very complicated.”

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