Giel Beelen-in / First Dates, My date knew it to be uncomfortable to make

First Dates, going to “unknown” people interact with each other on a blind date, but in the Valentijnsspecial on Friday will be broadcast for the first time, five famous people for dinner with someone they don’t even know it. One of the DUTCH men’s Giel Beelen, who have never been on a blind date and myself found that there is a lot of the hassle that can arise in paying the cost of the meal.

Mother had been, before he was asked to join in never seen an episode of the popular First Dates, having regard, therefore, looked at in preparation for two of the episodes so far. “I realized then and there that pay a thing, and it was: sharing is not an option,” says the 42-year-old dj is in talks with “I was very, very determined to be the dinner you have to pay, but not too much as to ruin my date knew that there is still an uneasy time of it.”

The radio dj, who in the summer of last year, there has been mention of his blind date as “the most exciting thing he’s ever done.” “I’ve never done a Tinder date you had the time, I was on a blind date with me.”

When Mother was invited to the program, ” he said first, firmly, ‘no’, until it became clear that, on the basis of their preferences, is really a match for him was found. “Then I tripped and I thought,’ why not, it’s just for one night.”

Got a feeling that I zenuwachtigst was

The radio dj had to and then his or her user preferences, pass his “ideal date”. “It would be nice if it were a woman it would have been, who knows what’s going on in the world. I sometimes have discussions with people of my own age, who have no idea what is happening, for example, on YouTube, going on.”

As a result of the preferences of Beelens talks rolled on, it came to his match, Malou get off the bus. What is remarkable is that they did not know before, that her date, a well-known Dutchman, was made. “The problem is, of course, is that people already have an opinion of you,” says the Mother. “I actually didn’t realize there was another, more famous people on the date that they went into the make-up, I saw that the others were also, among others, a stylist Maik de Boer, and is the host of Her Coldewijer will also go out on a blind date-ed.). I was under the impression that I was in the zenuwachtigst it was.”

The dj is on Friday evening in any case, in front of the television to ‘get’ the episode of the dateprogramma to see. “I’m very excited about it, because I don’t remember exactly how it went down. You will be followed up by the almost invisible cameras, and thus, you do not have the distractions of a camera. This is, I think, still one of my most-used television.”

If, after the date and more dates followed, with Malou, will Mother say. “The blind date liked it, in any case, though, it’s great that you have a date with a person, a really good friend.”

One of the First Dates Valentijnsspecial Friday, February 14, at 19.25 hours on BNNVARA on NPO3.

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