Gianni Infantino, in favour of the lucrative United 2026

The United States want to be with their partners, the world cup of 2026 organize, with the 48-year-old Swiss lawyer as the largest support.

Gianni Infantino © BELGAIMAGE

When Gianni Infantino two years ago candidate for the presidency in the wereldvoetbalbond, he promised more money/capital for everyone. But under his guidance, was approximately 1.3 million dollars per world cup cycle distributed to national associations and continental federations. That comes down to a verdrievouding in comparison with the usual payments. Already a convincing argument that the flamboyant successor of the forwarded Sepp Blatter can extract.

Only now are other less positive figures to the fore, because in the last three years is the FIFA saddled with a loss of approximately $ 700 million, with the existing reserves shrink. If Infantino word wants to keep, has the organization, so new revenue is needed.

Therefore, later on 13 June as an important day in Moscow, when on a congress agenda item 13 will be treated for all 211 members, namely the allocation of the organisation for the world cup edition of 2026. There is only one full-fledged candidate: United 2026, a joint initiative of Mexico, Canada and the United States. There is a staggering eleven billion dollars, if winstvooruitzicht. A quotation so that Infantino.

Only, there is a chance that Morocco wrecks the day. The African country also wants his love for the favorite ball game again show. Only is the surplus for the wereldvoetbalbond less lucrative, with a prediction of ‘less than’ five billion dollar profit. But Morocco enjoy or anyway the support of almost all the 53 African countries, while there is also from Europe and Asia sympathy exists for this project.

There are therefore billions on the game for Infantino and co. Moreover, it occurs later in the Russian capital a new voting system in operation, with full disclosure. Under predecessor Blatter was for the officers still behind closed doors, making the influence of millions of dollars in kickbacks as well as certainly took place. Would otherwise be in 2022 probably also Qatar have not met.

Problem for Infantino meanwhile: his contribution is limited. Over the past weeks and months, and tried the smooth Swiss with all sorts of feints and means the mood to send. Of course in the direction of the larger funds, through American president Donald Trump, to Morocco are becoming more and more weaken. Retrieves Infantino are started at home? The answer will follow soon.

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