Ghee, the healthy bacon

Fat has long been regarded as the devil in the kitchen, but slowly it begins to dawn that that image actually is unjust. As long as you get the right fats choose, there is no problem. So’n ‘proper fat’ is ghee. You have no idea what it is about? Then we will make you welcome around.

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Ghee is a very pure form of clarified butter that originated in India. Just as coconut oil is a very versatile and natural (bowl)fat. Why would you rather opt for ghee than for margarine? We give you seven reasons.

1. Of course

Ghee is made from butter and contains nothing else than cow’s milk. So, there are no artificial ingredients, added vitamins or flavor enhancers. That is quite different in for example shortening from that well-known plastic squeeze bottles.

2. High temperature combustion

In the last few years there are sounding more and more scientific sounds, which states that the fear of saturated fats is excessive. Real butter makes a comeback, but baking and roasting in butter remains difficult because of the butter in the pan quickly burn. Except not tasty, that is not healthy. Also vegetable oils like olive oil or sunflower oil are, despite their good health properties, is not really suitable for cooking. Is ghee a smarter choice, because that fat has a burning point of up to 250°C.

3. A rich flavor

Ghee is a bacon with a rich nutty flavor. You can actually do everything in baking: a egg, pancakes, fruit or a piece of meat. Due to the extremely high combustion temperature, the flavors of what you bakes beautifully to their right without the black bitter-tasting fat in the pan.

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4. Ghee improves digestion

Ghee ensures that the nutrients in your body, and that waste be properly disposed of. In the Indian Ayurveda-the doctrine of Ghee for that reason, for thousands of years the central fat. It is used as a medicinal product and is the basis of bacon in the kitchen. Ghee provides the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-9 in the right ratio and contains the vitamins A, D, E and K. it is Not artificially added in a factory, or just directly from nature.

5. Also suitable for people with zuivelallergie

Ghee is made from butter which in turn is made from milk, but still, most people with a lactose intolerance ghee or simply consume. That is because the problematic proteins and lactose during the production process will be eliminated. However, there may be small quantities of left behind, but that content is usually so low that they usually are not.

6. Ghee remains (literally) centuries good

Indian fat so it can endure. Because it hardly spoils, you don’t even look in the fridge to keep: a place between the herbs sufficient. There are gheerecepten known in which the fat a hundred years or so.

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7. Ghee Easy sell in very pretty jars

Three Dutch friends joined forces and brought the Indian fat to the Low Countries. They therefore use the traditional Indian method, but milk of cows from a Dutch family farm. Their products are getting more and better distributed, so perhaps there is also already a retailer near you. And the pots? That recycle you later in your kruidenrekje?


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