Get the Look: Sleek, straight hair like Nicole Kidman

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‘Keratin whisperer’ Arsen Gurgov shows you how to easily and blow up her house

The red carpet was rolled out from day-to-day life, the ever-ready, in which Nicole Kidman appears to never have a hair out of place, perhaps partly due to the massive blowouts that keeps the hair silky and smooth.

The loyal fans of the Oscar-winner is able to remember that Kidman has rocked some big curls in the mid – ‘ 90s, when her hair has a natural wavy texture. These days, however, they have been seen sporting a slimmer locks in the projects as a “Big Little Lies” and “The Goldfinch.”

Inspired by the actress’ look, if it’s too late, “a keratin whisperer” Arsen Gurgov, told Fox News in Lifestyle to create the look at home with just four tools: a hair dryer, a round brush, with a dry texture spray, and finishing serum.

Gurgov, a Manhattan, New York city-based celebrity hair stylist, specializing in protein-filled, chemical, keratin treatment, which will smooth and strengthen the hair lengths, and textures for a few months at a time.

For starters, the master stylist, recommends you start with a clean, semi-wet hair to start out with a basic blowout.


“Use the texture spray on damp hair and work through evenly with your fingers and a blow dryer to 90% dry, or when the hair starts to get frizzy, as if your hair is naturally really curly,” Gurgov says.

Then, he recommends packing a “small share” of the in your tresses, depending on the length and width of the round brush. Every one of them, you run the blow dryer (preferably with nozzle) the bottom of the locks, away from your face.

“To relax her, gently, and continue until all your hair is dry, and make sure that the cooling capacity of the air and into the brush before you take a break to come out of her,” Gurgov recommends. “Comb through with your fingers, and apply a dry texture spray.”


For extra flourish, the industry insider has featured a finish with the help of your fingers or a styling brush” to get the desired look, but it also emphasises the importance of not “overloading” it during the hair.

As one of the many keratin treatment, Gurgov said that it is a little bit of product, it would probably be a long, long way to go and a head full of natural curls, such as that of 52-year-old actress.

“I would use [of keratin], especially at the hairline, and I couldn’t do to stay in shape, and light, to take the frizz out of your hair, weather-resistant,” he said, straightening of locks and Kidman in a more permanent sense.

As well as for the management of her own mane, and Kidman is said to be time shared in a very low-key, home remedy to keep the blondes and red heads at their brightest.

“If you’ve got red hair, try washing it in cranberry juice. And if you’re blonde, a champagne rinse can work wonders,” with the star is presented, according to Business Insider.


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