Get oysters just out of the wall during your holiday in France

A romantic walk on the beach in the moonlight and sense in a typical French snack? On Ile de Ré you get nowadays, just a box of oysters from the vending machine.


At ‘food from the wall’ attract ‘ do you think in a first reflex to the Dutch vleeskroketten, to a loaf of bread or perhaps a bag of chips or a chocoladewafel. Rarely on fresh food. Certainly never to fresh raw food. Yet, that is exactly that the new vending machines on the French Ile de Ré are filled.

The famous oyster-fisherman Gillardeau was the first that already in 2010 with the idea to a refrigerated vending machines to places where he are oysters could sell after closing time. A lot of tourists find it delightful to their serving oysters to buy from the grower to they then on the beach or in their own holiday home to be enjoyed instead of in a restaurant. Even the locals find that more authentic. A vending machine takes the work of the oesterboer about when these are well-deserved night’s sleep, or in the water between his oysters.

Since this month has also Ile de Ré, a distributor d’huîtres. He stands in the small village of Ars-en-Ré, on the site of the oyster producers Brigitte and Tony Berthelot of L’Huîtrière de Ré. Customers have the choice between three types of: fines, fines de claires or spécialse. For a box of 24 oysters, they have a 15 euro changed hands.

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