Get creative with ‘kruidnoten’: make a cheesecake or a warm apple out of the oven

Have you looked at the ‘kruidnoten’? There is no need for. According to Yolanda van der Jagt, receptontwikkelaar and is the co-author of The great Christmas cook book, there are plenty of tasty dishes made with ‘kruidnoten’, to come up with. They will give you a few examples, but it calls it to also get creative with the toppings.

Every year it’s the same story: at the end of August and the first of ‘kruidnoten’, in the shops, so you can be ready by the time of the actual saint nicholas eve is.

However, you can have a lot of nice dishes to make – whether or not the remaining – ‘kruidnoten’, says Van der Jagt.

Meatballs with some of the kruidnoot

Meatballs, for example, in place of breadcrumbs in some of the ‘kruidnoten’, by itself. “You roll the kruidnootjes in a kitchen towel and slaps it with a rolling pin is fine. Whether you are pitching they will be fine with a mortar,” explained Van der Jagt from it.

“In addition, you can add some red pepper, raisins, and milk for a delicious, spicy taste. To bake, you can, in olive oil with a clove of garlic will do.” The proportion in which this is used, for example, approximately 50 grams of ‘kruidnoten’, 400 grams of minced meat.

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A dessert with gingerbread

Also, there are plenty of sweet foods that you ‘kruidnoten’ are able to use. A hot piece from the kiln, it is one of her favorites. “You are boring with the apple and fill it with some of the kruidnootjes, light apricot, and a bit of ginger, and maple syrup.”

“And then you put it in a baking dish, and pof, you to him for 45 minutes at 175 degrees in the oven”, says Van der Jagt. “A scoop of cinnamon ice cream or rum-rozijnenijs to the mix and you have a delicious dessert.”

For a really spectacular dessert, you can make a tower, then the pre-made cream puffs to build up. “Give it first, when it comes to liquid chocolate over it, and then some ‘kruidnoten’, powdered sugar, and some sinaasappelrasp.”

Cheesecake with a base of ‘kruidnoten’

‘Kruidnoten’ are also good to use in a pie crust instead of biscuits. Van der Jagt, “In the book, there is, for example, is a recipe for a citroencheesecake with candied mandarin oranges.”

“It’s really quite simple: you will crumble once again with the kruidnootjes, added some melted butter mixed in, and the making of the cake.”

You can, of course, and a cheesecake from a packet, but also make a filling with milk, cream cheese, and gelatin, or whipped cream, and cream cheese.

Soon all the residue off

After the Christmas bowl, it’s incredibly easy to of all the leftover candy, and objets d’art by a tulbandcake them to use them.

“You’re making it cakebeslag such as the one you are used to, and it doesn’t, then the pieces kruidnoot, traditional candy, and marzipan through it,” says Van der Jagt. “This is also good, with, for example, cranberries, and almonds.”

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