Gert Verheyen: “What Buffon, radiates, and that is a real passion’

On Saturday, Gert Verheyen comment on the Champions Leaguefinale. In Sport/Voetbalmagazine he declares his love for Juventus, although Luka Modric of Real Madrid also on a medal count.

Gianluigi Buffon © Belga Image

Twenty-five years ago, on 25 november 1992, the Champions League going to be kicked. That historic evening, Gert Verheyen participated in the kick-off of the most prestigious football tournament in the world. Most of all, just from Anderlecht to Club Brugge moved and playing with the number four, saw how Daniel Amokachi in Club-CSKA Moscow, the very first goal ever in the Champions League. Itself trod his last CL goal in a Club Brugge that season within, good for 1-2 win in Moscow.

In those 25 years, the Champions League is a different sport, he states. ‘What I find most frappeert, is the speed of execution, it is pure footwork. There are many very good players today, but professional football is, on all levels, much more demanding than in the past, though I remain convinced that the leaders of eighty years ago today, the best would be. But it would have other football players, athletes also. That conversion to that athletic is used when I still played.’

Gert Verheyen: ‘Luka Modric has not the appearance of the Realvedette, but the talk power that is required at the Royal.’ © BELGAIMAGE – DIRK WAEM

Gert Verheyen gives in Sport/Voetbalmagazine readily admit that he is a boon for the passionale football Atlético Madrid and Juventus. “For me, football is passion and emotion. That is what you are after your career as a player the most fog. The strength of emotion do you like the most in Juventus. The stadium of Juve and Atlético are for me the two places where everything comes together what football should be: the chemistry between trainer, audience and players. The standing ovation for the Atléticospelers after the elimination against Real, everyone who was in the pouring rain, still standing to applaud: that’s it. That also reflects Juventus. For me, it is Gianluigi Buffon, the exponent of how your emotions may show. I want tears to see after a match. A football player who after the game said: on to the next match – I can’t stand that.’

In the upcoming CL final between Real and Juve, it is his preference known. He explains what the Italians are so strong: ‘Passionate defend and attack, anyone who is for each other works. Where, say, KV Oostende sometimes falls apart when losing the ball, remains Juventus always together. Atlético has that too. The power of Massimiliano Allegri, I think he, his team also already can play, while the DNA of the past remains. It is, of course, an experienced team, especially in the back. I myself have against Buffon played. What he radiates, and that is a real passion. Want to win, just to have that trophy to achieve, and for no other reason. I mean: that man is financially 600 times and had long been next to one or another pool could be situated. That draws the real sportsman. I also frappeert, is that clubs like Atlético always recruit in function of their DNA. Yannick Carrasco will, if he ever leaves, after his collaboration with Diego Simeone permanently changed as a player, in terms of interpretation of his profession. Simeone demands a lot from his players, even his attackers. That should be very much the same as that of Juventus.’

Has already Verheyen also praise for the players of Real Madrid in store: ‘a Luka Modric, that is the perfection is near: so intelligent position and time on the ball the right to make choices, both short and long. He has not the appearance of the Realvedette, but the talk power that is required with Real. Toni Duckweed is also such a person.’

Read the full interview with Gert Verheyen in our +zone, or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 31 may.

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