Germany wants tougher action against Turkey

Germany wants tougher action against Turkey

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Germany is no longer a ‘thoughtful and concerned’ to respond to the conflicts with Turkey. The minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel announced on Thursday that the government is no more restricted to the expression of concern about human rights violations in Turkey.

The travel advice for Turkey will be strengthened and the export insurance that the government gives for the export of products to, or investments in Turkey is being reconsidered, according to Gabriel.

Gabriel was of his vacation on the North sea and back to Berlin came into being because the tensions between Germany and Turkey to a new high rise. The instead Gabriel has for he Thursday to talk to the press, the Turkey policy aligned with the christian democratic chancellor Angela Merkel and the chairman of the social democratic SDP, Martin Schulz.

The Greens have demanded that the European-Turkish vluchtelingenakkoord is cancelled “because the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan us afperst”. The Bavarian christian democrats have until Thursday, severe financial penalties against Turkey recalled.

A spokesman for Erdogan that Turkey will not accept that Germany economic measures based on a political dispute. “We hope that they will be coming back to this.”


The Turkish government left Berlin Thursday morning to know it is unacceptable to find that Germany itself with the domestic affairs of Turkey and old. Turkey responded to the demand of the Germans that Turkey was a German human rights activist release

The Turkish ambassador in Berlin, was here Wednesday on the mat is called. The German Peter Steudtner and nine other human rights activists are Wednesday 5 July in Istanbul were arrested. They are accused of “supporting armed terrorist organization”. Four of the activists have been released in anticipation of the lawsuit. The others are stuck.

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