Germany, it comes with a miljardeninvestering to combat climate change

German chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition on Friday, a major new climate action plan was announced. Over the next few years there will be 50 billion have been allocated to the fight against climate change.

After a nineteen-hour meeting, the German government has a plan that includes the emissions from the energy and industry sector limits are established, the use of electric cars is encouraged, and people are motivated to reduce, to fly, and are more likely to take the train.

The coalition’s negotiating team for the night on the climate action plan. “It was intense and constructive, but sometimes it’s fun to have to struggle over the proper approach to it,” said German chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday at a press conference on the project. Merkel had to acknowledge that her government has set klimaatdoelen by 2020 is not going to make it, but she claimed that her government is eager to catch up.

There will also be a national emissions trading system for CO2 emissions in the process. Lets hope that the government will reduce the emissions of the traffic and the heating of buildings will reduce. The emissions trading scheme beginning in 2021 at a price of 10 euros per tonne of CO2, rising to € 35 per ton in the year 2025.

The Plan is part of the German budget

In addition, the German government is investing heavily in the infrastructure of the rail network. According to the federal government, the plan will be budget-neutral, which means that Germany is not a new debt, there is no need to build up to the action.

According to the German Finance minister, Olaf Scholz is the plan on the way to see climate change as a risk to our economy, to modernise it, and, as jobs with a perspective for the future is to create it.”


Compilation: the People strike massive global climate

Hundreds of thousands of people to stop climate

The news is coming out on Friday, the entire world stopped, and for the environment. In Berlin, as were eighty thousand men in the Brandburger Sector.

However, the German klimaatgroepen are not completely satisfied with the result. They found that this action of the government did not go far enough. Lisa (Badum) of the German political party, the Greens, called the climate action plan as a “surrender”.

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