Germany is struggling with flooding

Germany is struggling with flooding

Days rainfall caused more and bigger problems in the eastern part of Germany. In the länder lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and, to a lesser extent in Brandenburg and Bavaria, there is flooding. A woman is missing.

Cause is the low pressure area Alfred that above the land is located, and that still has influence on the weather. In the region Harz is the nuisance is the greatest. In the region around the town of Goslar (lower Saxony) gave the local authorities a so-called “rampenalarm” making a crisisstaf the relief took over. In some places in two days, 171 millimetres of rain had fallen.

In the town of Goslar are streets flooded. A hotel and a home for the elderly were evacuated and the traffic is quiet.

In the place of Wernigerode, in Saxony-Anhalt is a 69-year-old woman went missing. It is feared that she has disappeared in the strong aangezwollen river Holtemme which, along with its house flows. In the place of Hildesheim are emergency services ready to share to evacuate.

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