Germany is furious about the arrest of a German captain, a Sea-Watch in Italy

The arrest of a German captain, Gene Rackete of the reddingsschip a Sea-Watch will have a 3 in their country does not go down well in some cases. The German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, (SPD) calls on Italy to quickly find a solution.

It seems unlikely, given that deputy prime minister and minister of Internal Affairs, and Salvini, the workers even more “criminals” to it. According to him, “the thugs in their masks, dropped off”.

Maas wrote on Twitter that “the saving of a human life, are not criminalized it.”

Menschenleben zu retten ist eine humanitäre Verpflichtung. Seenotrettung can not kriminalisiert werden. Es ist an der italienischen Justiz, who Vorwürfe schnell zu klären. #Seawatch

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The NOS reports that the captain of ten years imprisonment can be given. The woman by the Italian Public Prosecutor’s office (OM), have been suspected of violating the law of the sea, and aiding and abetting in illegal immigration.

Salvini calls Rackete, “a rich, white, German woman, who, as a war crime and has done,” writes the BBC. According to him, it was the life of the country “who” did the job”.

A Sea-Watch, arrived on Saturday in Lampedusa

The work of the Sea Watch, 3, on board, at least forty, migrants, and laid it in the night from Friday to Saturday, in the harbor of the Italian island of Lampedusa. It has to see it and hit it with a douaneboot.

The state of the ship, of the German organization, which sails under the Dutch flag, was in accordance with Rackete “dangerous”. The state of emergency is almost three days ago have been named, but according to her, no one to call, they responded.

As a result, the master is still of the port, to sea, after the Italian port police about it, and was made aware of this.

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