Germany elects 24 september new Bundestag

Germany elects 24 september new Bundestag

Photo: AFP

Germany on the 24th of september to the polls for the Bondsdagverkiezingen. The cabinet sided with Wednesday behind a proposal of the minister of the Interior Thomas de Maizière.

Formally decided by the German president Joachim Gauck about the election, but the expectation is that he to the proposal of De Maizière takes over.

The Bundestag, like the Second Chamber in the Netherlands, every four years. The Bundestag also elects the chancellor. Angela Merkel, that that function now plays, takes on behalf of the democrats, once again participated in the election.

Das #Kabinett schlägt dem Bundespräsidenten den Sonntag, 24. September Termin für die Bundestagswahl 2017 vor.


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09:25 – January 18, 2017

In several European countries is 2017 politically an important year. Not only in Germany and the Netherlands, elections are held. Also in France, elections are held. There is a new president elected. If all goes well in 2017, in Italy, also held elections.

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