Germany compulsory ethical rules for self-propelled cars

Germany compulsory ethical rules for self-propelled cars

Photo: AFP

Self-propelled cars for Germany, must always be people to protect if an accident threatens. Also if a car thus animals or the environment harm.

That has the German ministry of Transport decided in rules Wednesday are presented. The new guidelines describe ethical rules around self-propelled cars.

In the rules explains to Germany that protecting people is the highest priority, if an accident threatens. The software of self-propelled cars should be set so that the wounding or killing of people “at all times”.

The car decides which action ensures that people with the least injury. It may happen that the auto instead, for example, animals or buildings touch. The software may act not determine on the basis of age, sex or physical condition of people, according to the German ministry.

Ethical issues

Germany proposes new directives on, because the advent of self-propelled cars new ethical issues that raises. So it must be determined whether the driver or the car manufacturer is to blame after an accident.

Earlier this year, Germany has a law that stipulates that there will always be a driver behind the wheel of a self-propelled car, to intervene if the situation calls for it.

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