Germany bans neo-nazi group Combat 18

Germany doesn’t allow the neo-nazi group Combat 18, which reports to the German ministry of foreign Affairs on Thursday.

In the whole of the country, the attacks took place in the homes of the leaders of Combat 18. During the operation, about two hundred policemen were involved. They have names, other phones, laptops, guns, clothing, and nazirelikwieën space of time.

“The ban will give a clear message: the extreme-right and anti-semitism have no place in our society”, says binnenlandminister Horst Seehofer know in a written statement. “The terrorism of the NSU, with the awful murder of Walter Lübcke, and the terrorist act of the previous year, in Halle, germany have sent us a brutal insight is given into the real danger is that the extreme right poses to our free society,” he adds.

Lübkce, it was on the 2nd of June 2019 to have their own house, shot and killed by a man with extreme right-wing sympathies. In the German city of Halle on the lap of a man with extreme right-wing and anti-semitic motives, and in October, two men are dead. Terror group NSU are responsible for for ten racist murders between 2000 and 2007.

The Dutch branch of all the years are inactive

Combat 18 is the beginning of the nineties originated in the United Kingdom. German politicians are arguing for more than a year, a ban on the group. At present, a total of eighteen extreme right-wing movements and is banned in Germany.

The 18 in Combat 18 stands for the rst (a) and the eighth (h) letter of the alphabet, which is a reference to the initials of Adolf Hitler. According to a report (pdf) from the Anne Frank Foundation in amsterdam, from 2019 onwards the Dutch branch of Combat 18 in the past and have good links with the neo-nazis out of the western part of Germany. In the meantime, the Dutch subsidiary has already for years active in the church.

Nevertheless, it concluded that the General Intelligence and Security service (AIVD) in August, and that the extreme right gaining ground in the Netherlands.

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