German politicians want to nepnieuws criminalization

German politicians want to nepnieuws criminalization

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German politicians talk about the stafbaar of the spread of nepnieuws. The German ruling party CDU fears that the election campaign next year, manipulated by false reporting on the internet

The creators of the nepnieuws according to the CDU from the damage and collapse of German chancellor Angela Merkel.

y leader Michael Grosse-Brömer called Vladimir Putin as a potential spiritual father of such an action, because the Russian president is not like that Merkel is so critical attitude towards Moscow.

The politicians of CDU and CSU pleaded Tuesday for more stringent action against the online dissemination of nepnieuws. They want to be there even criminal consequences to attach. Details were not given.

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The spread of nepnieuws via social media, according to some critics, have played a role in the choice for Donald Trump in the Us presidential election. The CIA said the evidence that Russian hackers with the way things have interfered.

“If this manipulation there has been, then this is not the hobby of individuals,” says Grosse-Brömer, who thinks that Putin all of the interest in a red-red-green government in Germany. In such a grouping of the SPD, Linke and Greens, the Kremlin no longer a problem for Merkel.

The SPD minister of Justice Heiko Maas showed himself to be a proponent of a plan of approach, but also saw the necessary bumps. “It is not so easy a setting in the end as a sort of trc decides what is true and what is not. Then it must also be determined what is relevant and what is not. We are only at the beginning of the discussion.”

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