German minister Schäuble gives ‘errors’ in refugee policy to

German minister Schäuble gives ‘errors’ in refugee policy to

Germany has made mistakes in the open-door policy that in the past two years led to the arrival of one million migrants. That says finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble Sunday in an interview with the newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Schäuble said that the German government lessons from trying to pull. “We have tried to improve in 2015 from the hand of ran. We politicians are human; we make mistakes. But we can at least learn from this.”

Schäuble is a member of the christian democratic CDU of chancellor Angela Merkel. That party is under fire from the radical right-wing anti-immigrantenpartij Alternative for Germany, which in the polls is on track to make september the third-largest party in the German parliament.


According to Schäuble, the member states should the European Union consider their social security systems to better coordinate, so that there is a more equal distribution of migrants can be achieved.

That idea is considered in Germany to be a “taboo”, said the minister. “We have a much higher standard of social security than most other European countries. Therefore, want as many people to Germany.”

Schaeuble also expressed his scepticism about the policy of the American president Donald Trump, who caused unrest among European leaders with his immigration policy and his decision to trade from the table to wipe.

“In America, we can now see that someone is acting like he everything very quickly can do. That is not going to only lead to good results,” he said.


Chancellor Merkel, who stand for election for a fourth term, spoke Saturday by telephone with Trump. Who described her decision from 2015 to the German borders open for refugees during his election campaign as a “catastrophic mistake”.

In september last year, suffered the CDU a major defeat at the local elections in Berlin. Merkel said then that she wished that the clock could turn back in the migrantencrisis, but they went not so far as its policy a mistake to call.

Merkel be a call from the Bavarian zusterpartij of the CDU to a maximum limit set for the migration of the hand. Still sends the chancellor tougher measures for asylum-seekers to send back and order a new migratiegolf from Africa to avoid.

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