German extremist shoot police officers down

German extremist shoot police officers down

Photo: AFP

An extremist on Wednesday in Georgensgmünd in Nürnberg the fire, open on four police officers and one of them severely injured. The police reported that the 32-year-old seriously injured victim in the evening in the hospital, where he was an emergency surgery died, but withdrew that message again later.

His colleagues make it to circumstances. In a went a bullet through one arm, the others were injured by flying glass.

The Bavarian police came Wednesday afternoon the weapons of the 49-year-old man in take. When they are known, began immediately to shoot. The offender, who was known as a hunter with 31 guns and pistols in his possession, could eventually be held. His weapon and hunting licence was revoked because he did not trust.

The man is a so-called Rijksburger (Reichsbürger). These are people who the Federal republic of Germany do not recognize. They go out of the German Empire and its borders of 1937, when Hitler was in power. They point to the democracy and deny often the Holocaust. The government estimates the number of these right-wing extremists on several hundred.

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