German clinic gets computer the diseases viruses

German clinic gets computer the diseases viruses

Soon-to-be in a German clinic in Marburg, a so-called IBM computer that diseases and symptoms to recognize and diagnose. Now that is still done by specialists.

This Trouw. “The computer called dr Watson goes to the doctor to assist, not replace them”, says Jürgen Schäfer, head of the clinic, against the newspaper.

The problem with rare diseases is that there are now about 7000 in Germany. A country like Germany has more than four million patients with a rare disease. Most doctors know not all diseases and symptoms.


The computer recognizes these diseases, however, because he is connected to almost all medical databases. The computer is still in a testing phase. Are oordeelvermogen is assessed on five hundred known cases, and a dozen or so new patients.

“There are more computer systems their added value in the medical practice,” says Bert Kappen, professor of neural networks and machine intelligence from the Radboud University in Nijmegen, against Faith. “The question is whether this group from Marburg herein, a breakthrough has been reached.”

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