Gerbrands is full of questions: “How many of these we are going to have to play in the Premier league?’

General director Toon Gerbrands of the pitch and is full of questions, and after the cessation of the League due to the outbreak of the corona virus. He keeps up with all of the scenarios to take into account in regards to the rest of the league.

How many matches will we play? With or without an audience, and what will be the impact on the league? I don’t have to explain to them that we’re going to But it in an empty Bowl, a different dimension. We’re going to play three times at home, it makes a difference whether we are in a packed stadium, olympics or not,” said Gerbrands on Friday against the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

The government decided on Thursday that all of the sporting events in which more than a hundred people have come to be cancelled, up to and including the 31st of march. So, that means that this month may be the football in the Premier league, and in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division.

Due to the new measures, new data will be found before round 27, and 28 in the Premier league and the round of 30, 31 and 32, in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division. The following week, it was the Classic between Feyenoord and Ajax in the program will be in the Premier league.

“It is a choice between two evils’

The general director, Eric Gudde, the BOARD gave out last Thursday that the choice of the government-wide, organisational, sports, and financial challenges, but that’s the basic premise of the league is to get the best games to play with the audience, and, in principle, there is no better way to do it competitieformat.

Gerbrands, they dare not to have a specific scenario in order to put on. “MANU is playing for a ticket to European football. I think it was in scripts, but that can be tomorrow’s also out the window. As the european football CHAMPIONSHIP will be delayed until 2021, we can’t just continue playing after mid-may. In June, Guus Meeuwis concerts in the Philips Stadium, and Sprint may not be able to have it Cut.”

“It’s part of putting an end to the play-offs is not an option, even though it is ultimately a choice of the Dutch fa (KNVB). It does, however, mean that less and less clubs can qualify for European football-promotion to the premier league. It is a choice between two evils. You will have a separate accrual accounting. Fortunately, we have a clear line must be drawn and the conditions for all the clubs as much as possible the same.”

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The corona virus is in the short

  • The virus is spread mainly through the coughs and niesdruppeltjes that are in the air.
  • An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. This number can be decreased with proper safety precautions.
  • The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms.
  • Almost all the deaths involve elderly or already ill people. With the precautions that you can, these people are protected.
  • Click here to read ” what are the main precautions to be.

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