Gerbrands: ‘BACKLINE will be in 2030, when the best 32 teams in Europe’

PSV eindhoven to eleven years, the third star is for it’s seventh championship in the t-shirt and hopes for the best 32 teams in Europe. General manager Toon Gerbrands presented Tuesday to the Vision 2030, the strategic plan of the New club.


  • The PSV is investing in youth and innovation.
  • The Club will also play in 2030, even in the Philips Stadium, with a maximum of one thousand seats will be increased.
  • MANU sees the creation of European ‘superclubs’ as an opportunity.

“The academy is one of the cornerstones of our plans for the future,” said Gerbrands at the training complex De Herdgang. There is, currently, the final touches are being made on the construction of a new building, with around 10 million.

The PSV will be more focused on the youth and young professionals. The annual budget of the academy amounts to eur 9 million, respectively. In the new training facilities with the most modern methods of working with their voetbaltoekomst.

“In Europe, in the last few years, a number of wealthy ‘superclubs’ where it’s just about performing and educating is not a place”, see Gerbrands. “We want to play a role, and without any dependence to be lost. We don’t want to satellietclub to be.”

On the 2nd of August, the complex is completed, but in doing so, it is the innovation player is still not satisfied. There are plans for three or four years, starting with the creation of a sportsciencecentre at De Herdgang.

The construction work at The Herdgang, that’s about 10 million. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

The PSV board in Boston to get inspired

Gerbrands, and the other members of the management of the pitch and have over the past year and a half, been busy with a Vision to 2030. They went to the more honkbalclub the Boston Red Sox and the Tripadvisor in the of the United are Staring to get some ideas on how the PSV in the future, as far as possible to perform. Gebrands: “We have been ideeënsafari have been. Boston is the city of Eindhoven will be great when it comes to innovation.”

“We were in Eindhoven, the not so often seen for sale, but in the 21st century, half of the championship by a PSV eindhoven win,” says Gerbrands. “While we don’t have the most money, but it is often the right choices are made.”

“We’re already on the right road and path, where there are still more opportunities are available for the period up to 2030. We want to be on the way to the kampioensster on the t-shirt to the first national championship, and now we have 24.”

“We want to be among the best 32 teams in Europe are going to hear it. That is, it is of critical importance, because of the competitieopzet of the uefa Champions League and the Europa League in 2023 might be changed. That is where we want to go with them.”

Gerbrands is aware that PSV are financially not able to cope with the eu’s richest clubs, to Europe, and is aimed at the 16 to 32. “But even in the unlikely event that our budget is double that of clubs richer than us. We will, therefore, need to be smart.”

The four chances that MANU will see

  • 1: the Emergence of a rich European “superclubs”, where it is only running at peak performance.
  • 2: the Rise of technology in the sport.
  • 3: is an Innovation.
  • 4: ‘Entertainmentrevolutie’.

Toon Gerbrands is on The Herdgang. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

‘MANU has always been vooropgelopen, and that’s what we want to continue to do

MANU has given the four opportunities identified. In addition, the club, with four of the projects have been started, to which the PSV is in the future and wants to grow up.

Gerbrands specifies that PSV eindhoven in 2030 would still be at the Philips Stadium you will be playing. The other options are still being investigated, but the cost of building new roads to the anticipated growth in sales.

However, it is possible to change the capacity of the stadium will be in the future, with 5,000 places to expand to 40,000. PSV eindhoven is the Eindhoven city council, in consultation with the club, have a role to play in the scheduled opening of a large convention center in the city.

MANU starts off on Tuesday with the first practice session in preparation for the new season. On Wednesday, the draw for the second qualifying round of the Champions League, which is on the 23rd or 24th of July and the first game will be played.

Of the four projects, of the pitch

  • 1: ‘Sportsciencecentre’.
  • 2: The ‘stadium of tomorrow’.
  • 3: ‘Fanbeleving enhance.
  • 4. The international growth.

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