Gerard Butler may, on behalf of the Race’s torch to bear for the Olympic Games

Gerard Butler, also known for his role as king Leonidas in the movie 300, which may be, on behalf of the ancient Greek city of Sparta, and the torch and carry it in the run-up to the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan.

The mayor of Sparta, and confirms to Sky News that the Butler is will also be the guest of honour of the celebrations that will be held in the framework of the 2.500 years anniversary of the battle of Thermopylae.

Herein, the moisture, the king of Sparta, Leonidas I, along with the 300 Spartans against the king of Persia, Xerxes I and his army.

The torch will be in the run-up to the Games, passed on from one country to another. Butler will take the torch on the 14th of march, in the Race to receive it.

The role of king Leonidas, is one of the most well-known roles, that of the fifty-year-old Butler has played. The actor is most often associated with the famous comment, ” This is the Race that he did in the movie.

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, in Tokyo, on Friday, the 24th of July. The event will run until Sunday, the 9th of the month of August.

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