Georgia Tech, a group of students assist in the education of students with firearms to fight back

The Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech was founded to give students “training and training in firearms safety.”


A group of students at Georgia Tech who joined hands for sports shooting are now using their skills to teach others how to defend themselves, in the midst of a peak in the off-campus crime.

Since Jan. 10 there are seven incidents involving a weapon in Atlanta in the neighborhoods adjacent to the school, according to FOX5.

Rob Montgomery, the vice-president of the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech, told FOX5 he evil thieves are prowling campus-area neighborhoods looking to take advantage of students.

“What we think is the best solution to these problems is to get people well trained in the use of firearms,” he said.

The student club was founded for the “education and training in firearms, safety, the discussion of and the participation in the shooting sports and related hobbies,” according to the website of the group. Once per month, the organization meets to plan activities for a membership, ranging from experienced shooters to first-timers.

Phillip Yamin, and Rob Montgomery have received special training from the Georgia Tech PD with the help of the agency’s threat simulator.


Last year, Georgia’s governor signed a law allowing people with permits to carry concealed handguns on the state of the public college campuses. Wearing handguns will remain prohibited in the dormitories, fraternity and sorority houses and buildings that are used for sporting events.

The state also requires people to be at least 21 or at least 18 years of age with a certificate of basic training or active service in the armed forces — to receive a concealed carry permit.

The president of the club at Georgia Tech, Phillip Yamin, told FOX5 the law last year has made him feel safer while walking to his residence in the neighborhood of Home Park, located just north of the campus.


House takes up bill to change conceal and carry laws

“Before campus-carry was enacted, I would not have felt safe walking back from school back to home in Home Park,” Yamin told FOX5.


Both Yamin and Montgomery have received special training from the Georgia Tech Police Department with the help of the agency’s threat simulator. The two said that the department will hopefully make the real-life scenario drills available to other members of the club.

Since Jan. 10 there are seven incidents involving a weapon in Atlanta neighborhoods adjacent to Georgia Tech.


“If someone thinks that you have a gun, they are much less likely to target you for a robbery,” Montgomery said.

Campus police told FOX5 they’ve stepped up patrols with the police of Atlanta in the off-campus neighborhoods in response to the spike in crime.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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