George H. W. Bush is the 1st president of the USA to turn 94

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine – George H. W. Bush enjoyed a relaxing birthday on Tuesday, he became the first former president of the USA to turn 94.

The nation’s 41st president was called and take it easy in his seaside home eight days after his release from a hospital where he was treated for a low blood pressure, said the chief of staff, Jean Becker.

Several of his children were in the city, including former President George W. Bush. Another son, Neil Bush called on the people in a newspaper opinion piece for volunteering and “a point of light.”

As president Bush encouraged others to be “points of light”, as a result of his belief that people need to help in their communities.

Bush was the oldest US president months ago and is the first to celebrate a 94th birthday, said spokesman Jim McGrath.

The former Democratic President Jimmy Carter is not far behind, at the age of 93, and he will celebrate his 94th on Oct. 1. Two other former U.S. presidents that the to 93: deceased Republicans Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

The Central Intelligence Agency highlighted Bush’s birthday by releasing material released in connection with his appointment as the agency’s director from January 1976 to January 1977.

The items include a video about his path to the CIA director, and another on his farewell visit to the agency employees in January 1993, the last month of his presidency.

In connection with that visit is a copy of a schedule for a briefing over lunch to discuss, Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia, counter-intelligence, counter-narcotics, and “# Ops”, a clear reference to the former Soviet states.

After dessert, the slips included presentations on Russia, North Korea, and “Clansig Activities”, an agency acronym for clandestine signals intelligence.

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