George Conway ramps trump card attacks as Kelly Anne defends boss

Kelly Anne and George Conway, shown in Washington, a dinner in this Jan. 19, 2017 photo, are publicly at odds over President trump these days. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

James Carville and Mary Matalin have nothing to Kelly Anne and George Conway.

While the Ragin’ Cajun and his wife are known to support candidates, which are on opposite sides of the political spectrum in the Clinton-Bush eras, the Conways have the political differences have reached a new level-with Mr. Conway repeatedly and publicly undermine Mrs. Conway, as she defended the President’s trump card in the crisis after the crisis.

Marital bliss gave way once again to marry dis on Thursday night, as longtime trump adviser, Kelly Anne, a muscular defense of Trump’s behavior in response to ex-lawyer Michael Cohen claim that he is to ask for direction in hush-money payments to two women’s Affairs with the President.

“You only say like you, “the President read’ so it goes viral,” Conway CNN’s Chris Cuomo said, according to the saying of the payments no campaign violations were claimed. “He said today that he would break the never directed by Michael Cohen, the law-that is, what the President said today.”

She said later, a rich businessman could be any number of reasons for the making of these payments: “Sometimes you are trying to get rid of a nuisance, sometimes, are you trying to save your family from embarrassment.”

Your spouse, it seemed, was not convinced.

“Given that Trump has repeatedly lied about the Daniels and McDougal payments—and as he is about virtually everything else, to the point that his own former personal lawyer described him as a “f****ing liar”—why should we lawyers be a word about the state?” he tweeted.

Mr. Conway was not finished. A ‘Washington Post’ article, published Friday morning by him, the former FEC Commissioner Trevor Potter, and former attorney General Neal Katyal called Trump the claims of “weak” and “dangerous”.

The article claims that the payments were in fact thought to influence the choice, and the Trump of criminal threatening display of “conspiracy with Cohen payments, because the evidence shows that the payments have been made, at least in part, for campaign purposes.”

The article is not trying to shoot the arguments of trump supporters, including Kelly Anne, as is the claim that the prosecution of former 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards, whose campaign Finance about payments to a mistress ended in a mistrial — Trump’s behavior was proving a crime.

“The bad arguments floated in Trump’s defense, are emblematic of a deterioration in the terms of the rule of law in this country,” the article stated.

The back-to-back Trump blames underlined the remarkable political tensions flaring in Washington’s most famous power couples. George Conway, has as a trump card of the sharpest conservative critics, particularly on Twitter, while Kelly Anne has the reputation of a staunch Trump defender ready to fight for Trump in aggressive media, where others are the risk-averse. Both of them are Republicans.


Consequently, the Conway-Conway feud has been something of a buzz in the media and led to a lengthy profile in The Washington Post, in the Kelly Anne described, allegedly, her husband vows the tweet as “disrespectful” and “a violation of basic decency, certainly, if not of the marriage.”

You then tried to attribute the quote “a person who is familiar with your relationship” – a requirement writer Ben Terris was denied by the Post.

“Well, people do see it that way. The people do not see, I say I do, but people see it that way,” she added.

The discord recently took the attention of the first family, with Eric Trump tweeted:

“Of all the ugliness in politics which shows utter disrespect to George Conway, against his wife, profession, place of work, and all that fought, it has to achieve, might top them all. @KellyannePolls is a great person and to be honest, his actions are terrible.”

George Conway said a Yahoo-News-podcast in the last month, that the Republican party has become a cult to a “people”, and he’d rather move to Australia as a voice for the trombone.

Asked whether he thinks the President is completely stable, Conway replied: “No comment.”

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