Genetic link between poor sleep and medical disorders discovered

Genetic link between poor sleep and medical disorders discovered

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte

Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that there is a genetic link between sleep disorders and three medical conditions.

Especially the association with the rustelozebenensyndroom, where one in twenty people suffers from, it appears strong. Lack of sleep takes this connection, reports Medical News Today.

Longer sleep keeps, according to the researchers understand related to schizophrenia. A third significant link between sleepiness during the day, and obesity. The results are a British-American study, published in Nature Genetics.

“The science has already been a link established between sleep disorders and certain diseases. But this is the first time that it is on a molecular level has been demonstrated,” says researcher Martin Rutter of the University of Manchester.

Besides physical disorders, suspicion, the researchers also a link between lack of sleep and severe depression.


For the study was the genetic data of more than 112.000 people from the UK Biobank. These data were combined with information about the weight and any medical conditions. The participants reported in addition to how long they slept, how often she wakes up layers, and how often they are during the day sleepy felt.

The researchers emphasize that poor sleep is not a primary cause of disease – lifestyle and environmental factors play a large role. However, information about the genetic structures of treatments to help improve.

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