Genes can play a role in arise ptsd’

Genes can play a role in arise ptsd’

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Genes might play a role in the onset of a posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd).

Resilience in the dna seems to be one of the determining factors in the development of ptsd following violent events, according to research among Afghanistan veterans.

For the study, which was published in Molecular Psychiatry, were 93 Dutch veterans long-term followed. Of them were blood samples taken.

“In this study, we were able through the Ministry of Defence have blood samples of the soldiers from both before and after exposure to the war in Afghanistan,” says lead researcher Bart Rutten Maastricht University in the Volkskrant.

“This study therefore provides more certainty about the link between the traumatic experience and the altered way in which the genes to expression.”


I suspect that the processing of traumatic events on the get of ptsd through epigenetic modifications will expire. Epigenetics studies the influence of reversible heritable changes that occur in the behavior of a cell without changes in the sequence of the dna in the cell nucleus.

To all the soldiers that traumatic experiences had, was the expression of a number of genes that play a role in stress changed. With military personnel with ptsd were the adaptive epigenetic changes, however, less pronounced than among soldiers without ptsd.

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