Gemmel Moore’s mother, speaks out on the federal cost-Ed-Bok, in her son, by 2017, drug overdose death

to connectVideoEd He faces federal charges in connection with the fatal Gemmel Moore’s drug overdose

A former department of justice Director, Guy Lewis, said that he believed that the DEA is going to ‘fix’ Ed-Buck.

The mother-of-Gemmel Moore, one of Ed’s Buck’s alleged victims, has been released to her son and finally see justice in light of the federal charges They are to distribute of methamphetamine, resulting in her son’s death on the 27th of July, 2017.

“It just seemed like we’ve been screaming and yelling to anyone who would listen,” LaTisha Nixon said at a news conference on Wednesday. “We want to give justice to the rest of the victims. … Ed Buck, can’t hurt any more. He can’t hurt anyone anymore.”

Buck, 65, would face a minimum of 20 years in prison if convicted.


In a criminal complaint and the accompanying declaration detailed several allegations that He injected the men with the methods to their needs during sexual encounters. The study found at least 10 of the alleged victims, several of which are described in pungent detail, He is clearly a fetish-will pay people to use drugs and have sex, which is often in a darker turn, and it has led to a number of suspected drug overdose.

He has donated tens of thousands of dollars to California political candidates, Gov. Gavin Newsom, and others, and it is well-known in the LGBTQ political community as well. Some of the activists carried out their political ties, and the family of the victims pardoned him from prosecution.

“He was found naked and dead on a mattress in the Ed, He’s home,” Nixon said. “My child is not here. … I have to live with it. My son died right here. My child has died. “I am dying on the inside.”

She told me that her son told her He “just scream and cry.”

The story sounded crazy to her, and it took her some time to realize her son was not there. “As a mother, I am trying to find out, someone, help my baby.”

She told me that her son went to the authorities, but they turned her son away.

Moore has moved into a house with his mother in Texas for two years, and was reported missing in Los Angeles, when he was texted a photo of a syringe in the arm of a wealthy gay man, he is in the usa.

They are an influential political activist, which is more than twice Moore’s age, and later said, “Be here now”.

He bought a plane ticket for Moore, and he had a car to pick him up a week later at the airport. By sunset, More, 26, to death on a mattress on the floor, He’s Los Angeles-area home.

Nixon has been happy He’s been arrested by the federal authorities. She said: “the Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey, will not do the job.

“I didn’t see it coming at all. I’m glad the fbi got to it,” she said. Lacey, “and dragged their feet. It shocked me … and that she was trying to take credit for work they didn’t even have to do that.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Detective, Quincy Rodriguez, told Fox News: “We are very, very limited in relation to the charge is governed by the laws of the state of California, which is the reason why we decided to in this case, the federal government, with the concurrence of the DA’s office. The federal laws are much more rigid with regard to these types of crimes. I would like to comment on what has been done in the matter, but I’m not in a position to at the present time, as a result of the ongoing federal prosecution. At the time, our research efforts will be presented in the appropriate forum. Thank you.”



The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokesman Greg Risling said in response on Fox News-via-e-mail: “The District Attorney’s Office has been working with both the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as well as the U. s. Attorney’ s Office to get all of the proven charges against a defendant They are. Suspect He was charged in federal court because federal law makes it a crime to provide drugs if the drugs cause death. California state law does not provide for a similar cost.”

He added: “The District Attorney’s Office has a legal and ethical obligation to only bring charges that are sufficient to have allowed the evidence to convince an unbiased jury of a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. After viewing all the evidence admitted, to our officers of justice, determined that there was insufficient evidence to pursue murder charges suspect They are at the level of the state. To make a decision on the question of whether we have sufficient admissible evidence to bring charges, it is dependent on a number of factors, including that the witness is a credible witness. The ability to confirm the statements of the witnesses, as well as the length of the period of time between the events they describe and when they are to be reported to the ministry of justice, will also be among the factors to be considered.”

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