Gay men can now before the blood donation

The rules for gay and bisexual men, and have blood drawn to make a donation to the blood bank, have been made more flexible. Previously, if men only donate blood if they have at least one year and have no to have sexual contact with other men had been. Since the start of this month, after four months, all are welcome, please notify blood bank is Responsible for.

The wait time to be able to donate any of it has to do with the risk of bloedoverdraagbare infection: this is among men who have sex with men is larger than for the other groups, and thus it is Responsible for. Nevertheless, it has been a year of waiting is no longer the need for possible infection with hepatitis B, it is four months after the unsafe sex with a person to diagnose with a blood test.

The pressure group for homosexuals GAY is a four-month waiting period is still too long, according to spokesman Philip Tijsma. “We would like to offer everyone more often than once every four months to have sex, but are you a gay or bi man can still not donate blood.”

The organization regularly receives complaints from its members about the policy, is Responsible for. “People have to know that it will unduly discriminatory finding. Some of our concerns would be the assessment of restructuring measures in the criteria are not wíé you have sex with, but whether or not you’re safe to have sex with.”

Also some other so-called ‘high risk group’ has the Responsible for the rules this summer and is more flexible. Those who have a piercing or a tattoo, let it set, don’t have a six-month wait for a bite to eat at the blood bank, but there are already more than four months to go.

In spite of this, more rules running in the bloedvoorraad currently, notice is Responsible for. This is due to the summer holidays, according to a spokesman In the casino, “If the weather is nice, we can see that donors are more likely be a day to be missed. Therefore, we express all of the donors for the hearts to be in this time period is really coming, we herhaaloproepen or make a call to someone who is already not an option.”


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