Gavin James thought to participation tv show but did not

Gavin James thought to participation tv show but did not

The Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James (25) thought there was for his success to take part in a talent show, but has not done so “because it is never anything for him.”

That, he said Friday in an interview with Friday night will be the singer at The Voice of Holland.

“I can very well imagine that people participate in programs such as The Voice, but it was never my ambition to be on something this big. I wanted – and I still do – lots of music-making, and that I am going to do a lot of acting in Dublin. After a while, I was also outside Dublin gig and so I could have a career to build.”


James was in 2012 in Ireland is large by his single Say Hello. Two years later, he covered the song the Book of Love, with which he also became known about the rest of the world. That sudden fame he doesn’t find difficult. “I’m quite often recognized, especially in Ireland. There saves that you are almost always left alone, People are pretty sober. When I am on the spots come where more tourists are, I am often approached.”

“I find it not at all scary as people go to me arrive because they are my music know, I think it’s a great honor,” says the singer-songwriter. “It is also part of my work. If I annoying had found, I had the wrong business chosen to work in.”

Gavin James singing Friday night, his latest hit Nervous (The Ooh Song) on The Voice of Holland. It is not his first time in the Netherlands, two years back, he was here already for a gig. “I am now a couple of times in Amsterdam and it really is one of my favorite cities. When I perform, I go after my gigs like the pub to have a drink.”

“I also find it fun to be with a boat through the canals and the city.” The picture of drug-related crime that many people across the Netherlands have, he shall not. “I think it’s fine here, the people are very nice and everyone is always very nice that I was from Ireland come, haha.”

View the clip of the song Nervous by Gavin James

‘Rollercoaster of emotions’

After his performance in The Voice of Friday night, the singer-songwriter in October back to the Netherlands. From February 10, he begins with his tour, and he performs in Ireland, England and Amsterdam. According to James may, his audience a “musical show, which meets comedyshow’ expect. “It is a rollercoaster of emotions. A laugh, a tear. I also find it quite fun to be with my audience and talk, sometimes for up to twenty minutes long.”

“What I that evening wants to pull out, remember I was only on the stage. I just play to the audience, sometimes cock I there someone from that something to call me. I tell them every time what else, it’s cool to make fun with your fans.”


Currently working on James on his second album and some singles, who next year hopes to bring. But for that time he first tour, and he wants to on holiday. “I still have nothing booked and I don’t know yet where I want to go. A sunny beach sounds good, but I have red hair and pale skin, so it is probably a holiday with my death, haha.”

“Maybe I’ll go skiing, although the sun is very bright. I will else have a cruise do? I have never done. Or back to Amsterdam! Well, luckily I still have ample time to my destination to think of, haha.”

“After my holiday I will go, of course, by making music, that is really something what I would like to do. On my 85th is still touring? Yes, that would be great.”

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