‘Gastric sleeve is often a better treatment for obesity’

‘Gastric sleeve is often a better treatment for obesity’

The gastric sleeve is for many patients with obesity is a good alternative for the gastric bypass, which now is regarded as standard. In the longer term, gives the sleeve is less complications.

This is apparent from the thesis Pim van Rutte of the Catharina Hospital. This is based on the results of this surgery on over a thousand patients.

The sleeve is a bariatric surgery in which 80 percent of the stomach is removed. Unlike a bypass, the small intestine and this can occur for example left intact. In the longer term, gives the sleeve is less complications such as vitamin deficiency and internal twisting of the intestine. Moreover, the same result is achieved on weight loss and the improvement of additional diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Rutte has with the help of structured recordings of the pitfalls of the surgery are examined, such as the importance of having the right instruments to use. With a study in which the wall thickness of the stomach has measured could a statement be made to the right size staples to use to the stomach close to ‘staple’.

Co-promoter and the surgeon, dr. Simon Nienhuijs of the Catharina Hospital: “The effects of both operations on the endocrine, intestinal and digestive track are the same. The long termijnresultaten are largely similar; the overweight with at least two-thirds to be able to be reduced after two years. The maximum weight loss after four years. The gastric sleeve provides long term, however, less complications.”


Nienhuijs indicates that with the arrival of the sleeve is a patient with obesity, more tailored can be helped.

From the research of Van Rutte shows that a proper screening in advance, it is important to review who for an operation is eligible and whether the patient is able to make his or her lifestyle dramatically to adjust.

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic. Despite prevention programs, increases the number of people with extreme obesity exponentially.

Rutte has promoted 21 december at the TU Delft.

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