Games even closer for athletes Mollaei, after receiving Mongolian passport

Games even closer for athletes Mollaei, after receiving Mongolian passport

The Iranian topjudoka Saeid Mollaei Sunday, a Mongolian passport is received. If we look at the participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the following year, to get one step closer to it.

In Iran, demanded in August that Mollaei is back to pulling at the uci road world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Tokyo, japan, as the chances are it was the defending champion in the class up to 81 kilograms in the final match against the Israeli Sagi Muki, it would come to be. Iran recognizes Israel as a country.

The 27-year-old Mollaei has not gone according to the wishes of his country, and was then heavily put under pressure by the authorities, who have reportedly been threatening his family in any trouble. He lost his match in the semi-finals and then on purpose, and is since gone into hiding. The Iranian judobond him for an indefinite period of time shall be suspended.

Mollaei will be on december 12th at the Masters tournament in China Qingdao for the first time, its appearance under the Mongolian flag. At first he was out in front of an international vluchtelingenteam. Judofederatie O has Mollaei has already been recognized as a Mongolian judoka.

Mollaei is expected to Play

With this recognition also appears to be taking part in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 is a step closer to it. The topjudoka have to say that all of the warranty (FIVE), and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that he was the next year in Japan, and in the action.

“It’s my biggest goal, and I’ll do what I can. I’ve been in full training. I would like to go to the Games, the only medal that I am wrong and to address the olympic gold,” said Mollaei at the end of september.

It’s not the first time that the tensions between Israel and Iran, can be seen at the right). In 2004, declined in the Iranian world champion Arash Mirasmaeili to be against Israeli Ehud Vaks, and three years ago, it was Islam El-Shehaby of Egypt, sent home after he refused to accept, Or Sasson of Israel for the hand-shake.

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