‘Gamepad Switch has connection issues’

‘Gamepad Switch has connection issues’

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Several international websites have claimed that the JoyCon controller of the Switch is plagued by connectivity problems.

Journalists complain about the fact that they are during the play of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sometimes the connection between the console and the left controllerhelft lose, making the game no longer can be controlled. After more testing, it turns out that it can also happen in the main menu of the Switch.

The problems do not occur when the JoyCons on the screen are linked and the console in handheldmodus is used. Also, there are no problems encountered when playing with the Pro Controller.

Polygon has a number of tweets from various journalists and others who already have a Switch console, collected. All make mention of the problem.

Different journalists speak of the hope that the problem is with an update that Nintendo is planning to on the day of launch, march 3, from to bring. Nintendo itself has not yet statement to the outside brought about the problem.

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