Galaxy S8: All the rumors about Samsung’s comebacktelefoon

Galaxy S8: All the rumors about Samsung’s comebacktelefoon

Photo: Bloomberg

Samsung is expected in February 2017 at the Mobile World Congress, the samsung Galaxy S8 present. It must be the revenge after the fiasco around ontploftelefoon Galaxy Note 7.

1. Certainly he comes

That the samsung Galaxy S8 will come will not come as a surprise, but usually keeps Samsung his jaws on each other until there is an official announcement. This time seems different, however: the South Korean customers that their Galaxy Note 7 in wanted to trade, were told that they will be able to trade for the future Galaxy S8.

2. No physical home button

Samsung would for the Galaxy S8 to consider which have no physical home button. The button would be behind glass or even behind the screen. It is possible that the fingerprint is optically scanned by a sensor in the screen. The S8 would be the first smartphone that can.

3. Only with curved edges

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 were both accompanied by a Edge version with curved edges. For the Galaxy S8 would Samsung want steps of that idea, and only a variant with curved edges out. The screen may be even on all four sides bent, instead of only the sides.

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4. Only one flagship?

In the last few years, Samsung is invariably two vlaggenschipmodellen per year from: a Galaxy S model in the spring and a larger Galaxy Note model in the fall. By the fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, would Samsung there, according to Korean sources in 2017 from want steps and only a Galaxy S model.

Possible is this true, but it did not; at the announcement of the replacement program for the Note 7 was also already talked about a Note 8.

5. 4K-screen

The screen of the Galaxy S8 would be a diagonal of 5.5 inches and 4K images can show. Also, the smartphone 6 GB of ram on board.

The higher resolution will probably be a considerable strains on the battery. The Xperia Z5 with Premium of Sony, the first smartphone with 4K resolution, prevented this by just switching on 4K resolution when playing ultra hd videos. At other times, a lower resolution is used.

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