Gaite Jansen could not go to America and want to immigrate to a career

After a role on the BBC series of Peaky Blinders is, Holland’s Hope, the actress Gaite Jansen is back at the international level: she is playing a starring role in the HBO series, Jett. Despite the fact that they are becoming more and more discounts on of the countries, see Jansen and it is not to remain permanently in America, who says they are in talks with

“I have noticed, however, that there will be more doors to open, which I found out after the release of Peaky Blinders,” said Jones, who will be in 2016, and in several episodes of the hit series can see.

“The doors make sure you lock the room where it is allowed I all of a sudden started to go in. I see, I see, it is best to sit down for a couple of years in America to work, and by the way, up and down to go out.”

But the emigrants, see, Jones himself is not as quick to do. “This is my home, here I get to know everyone, because the industry is not very large. Ideally, I’m Dutch designs, Dutch Hope, and I really like it, but in this case I’m on an adventure abroad, do not want to miss out on.”

To play in an American production, and what Jones can do in the school production, Jett, had been long on its wish list. But if the star is located to the south, and they will soon have to go to the other side of the atlantic. “In addition to the series or the movies, it would be nice to be there in the theater to go to. As a performance, as a Fleabag, for instance (that was created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, eds.) Or, a piece of, directed by Ivo van Hove.”

“I was just having an identity crisis by

In Jett creeps Jones, in the role of the ex-prisoner to the Phoenix, to which the Netherlands is a small transformation had to be undergone. “When I came to New York and went on to be the director, Sebastian Gutierrez, to meet them, he said,” I think You’re much of Carla (Gugino, from, amongst others, Watchmen, ed.). and Elena (Anaya, who was one of the other female characters are playing the same game. Your hair needs to be short and blond, is that right?” I thought that was cool of him, because it’s not often that a director as big of a transformation you’re asking. In the 48 hours after the dye was I’m just having an identity crisis all the time.”

What is the personality of the character concerned was Johnson’s less and less to change. “It’s funny to have a heavy character, but this is a hopeful, happy lot. There is always something happening with her – she’s out of jail, and her brother is in a relationship, but she is always full of hope and life.”

Phoenix has Jett out of prison, where they have been. “Jett has ever been rescued from a life-threatening situation, and the Phoenix became her debt. And that has a sort of zussenband between them, and were created.”


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Johnson facetimet every week with a colleague

But in real life it could be Jones and actress Gugino is fine to handle. “She has done for the series, along with her husband Sebastian Gutierrez has been developed. We were up and running in no time with good friends and we still are. I can facetime a few times a week at First, and we are superclose to become. Last month, I go to Sebastians birthday party in Texas has been.”

The relationship between Johnson and Gugino has ensured that the Dutch are very easy to make and their fictional friendship on the screen to move. “For a School that was more complicated that it really is a tough character to play. At one moment, we were together in the original state, and when the cameras were running, but again, it’s freezing to me, it was a hard time.”

Jett is starting on the 1st of november at the At the TIME.

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