G7 wants that countries exchange information to improve after attack in Manchester

G7 wants that countries exchange information to improve after attack in Manchester

The leaders of the G7 would like to see the exchange of information between countries improves. In addition, internet service providers and social media companies the control of extremist content-esteem.

The seven major industrialized countries discussed during the G7 summit in the Sicilian Taormini the aftermath of the attack in Manchester and came out with a joint statement.

“We have a unanimous determination shown to go on with fight against terrorism and that struggle to strengthen”, says the. “We go to a higher level through incessant terrorist actions to prevent, by the perpetrators and sympathizers continuously to prosecute.”

The German chancellor Angela Merkel calls the exchange of information between countries is “essential”. Further, should the financial resources of terrorists are reclaimed and abuse of the internet for their propaganda purposes countered. There is, according to the G7 is an obligation for the companies.

For the G7 summit called on the British prime minister Theresa May is to up the pressure on large internet companies as Facebook, Twitter and Google. These companies would not do enough to harmful extremist content to fend off.

May denounced that, according to her often haalfilmpjes and incitement to violence online. They will be the internet companies on their social responsibility.

Climate deal

The G7 was no unity in the field of climate. The American president does not feel bound to the agreements in the climate deal by Paris from 2015.

The Italian prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni remains optimistic. “All others have confirmed that they are fully behind the agreement. We are convinced that, after internal reasons the US is also willing to oblige.”

The G7 comes once a year. The united states, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada to discuss mainly economic issues. Saturday speak the countries.