G20 countries are committed to climate deal after leaving US

G20 countries are committed to climate deal after leaving US

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The US, after keeping all the other G20 countries to the climate deal in Paris. The countries recognize in a unanimous declaration that the United States withdraw from the agreement.

The leaders of the twenty largest and emerging economies were a long time in conversation about the compromise.

Hostess Angela Merkel closed Saturday afternoon the two-day summit. The chancellor had to know in advance not to like ‘her’ top failed and did everything in order to have all countries on one line. Friday she called the talks “very difficult”.

Merkel announced the decision of Trump to regret, but was happy about the fact that the other countries are still firmly behind the agreement.

There were extensive discussions on international trade. The countries have agreed to protectionism, but to recognise also that there is a “legitimate instruments” are to handelsverstoringen to fight.

The G20 summit in Hamburg was the past few days and nights marred by violent riots. Merkel promised the victims of the riots compensation, they cited no specific amounts.


Merkel calls on world leaders to make compromises at G20 summit


The consultation on Saturday between Merkel, president Emmanuel Macron of France and the Russian president Vladimir Putin about the military conflict in Ukraine during the G20 summit in Hamburg still no breakthrough will be delivered. According to Merkel were the talks “very, very difficult”. The countries will contact each other about the situation. That will first mainly on the phone to happen, says Merkel.

Although in 2015, in Minsk an agreement was reached on a cease-fire, the violence in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk since then have not completely died down. Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of it the file to violate.


Rex Tillerson, the American minister of Foreign Affairs, will fly Sunday to Kiev. He is in the company of Kurt Volker, the former Us ambassador to NATO, who was recently appointed by the U.S. as Oekraïnegezant. Together they are trying to be the peace process to get underway.

The American intervention is against the wishes of France. Macron said last month that the Minsk agreements are the basis for a solution of the conflict.

It would be a mistake to once again to begin and the U.S. in the discussions to involve, according to the French president.


The Trumpfamilie in Hamburg astonishment and criticism aroused during a working session of the G20 leaders. Ivanka, the daughter of the U.s. president, took temporarily for her father’s stead when he for a bilateral agreement, the meeting room left.

Also, Melania, the wife of Trump, popped up at a given moment in the hall. She joined the American delegation, while the president, his official place remained seated.

On photos is Ivanka to see between the Chinese president Xi Jinping and British prime minister Theresa May. According to an officer she replaced her father two times, without the word.

The G20 leaders can support staff members to bring and use it to their boss just to replace. Ivanka is the advisor of the president. It is highly unusual that the heads of state or government family in the hall stables.

G20 summit in Hamburg

Merkel and Macron in consultation.

Merkel, September, and Trump will be on the heel taken by protesters.

Merkel in conversation with Putin.

The group photo.

The consequences of riots in the centre of Hamburg.

Breakfast session on Ukraine, Putin, Merkel and Macron.

A geplunderde shop in Hamburg.

A protester against Trump.

Putin and the Russian minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov.

Ivanka Trump took on certain occasions for her father.

Merkel, in a tête-à-tête with Tusk and Trump.

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