Fun Travel Destinations in Northern California

After visiting a few RV dealers, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of motorhomes at your fingertips. When you finally decide on that Keystone RV, you have a sudden sense of freedom to travel wherever you want in complete luxury.

Let’s take a look at some prime recreational destinations in the Northern California area.

Lake Tahoe

Located along the border between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest below Crater Lake in Oregon. The lake is known for the purity and clarity of its water as well as the picturesque landscape noted by the surrounding mountains and forest.

The area surrounding Lake Tahoe is devoted to tourism all year round. During the warmer months, boating and water sports on the lake are standard forms of recreation. Boating events include sailboat races, firework shows, and guided cruises. The area around the lake is even more popular during the winter. Dozens of ski resorts open to accommodate the rush of skiers, snowboarders, sledders, and winter enthusiasts. That’s not to mention the casinos, golf courses, and fine-dining opportunities.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Originally two separate national monuments—Cinder Cone National Park and Lassen Peak National Monument—Lassen Volcanic National Park was established in 1916. The main feature here is Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world. The area surrounding this volcano is still active with fumaroles, mud pots, and hot springs, giving visitors a close glimpse at the churning subterranean forces at work.

Alongside all that heat and geological activity is a beautiful display of nature. Meadows filled with lush wildflowers, clear lakes, and rich forests reside just along the hydrothermal activity, providing visitors with a wonderful dichotomy of nature at work. Lake Helen, located at the base of Lassen Peak, offers some amazing scenic views.

Lassen Volcanic National Park caters to the active campers as well. Hiking trails give visitors a chance to explore all facets of the peak and its surrounding areas.

Redwood National and State Parks

Although Redwood National and State Park are known as home to the tallest trees on earth, the parks feature a rich ecosystem that include oak woodlands, riverways, vast prairies, and about 40 miles of coastline. With such a diverse landscape, Redwood National and State Park preserve a great deal of indigenous flora and fauna.

For visitors, the parks feature a multitude of activities, including scenic drives, miles of hiking trails, biking, horseback riding, and wildlife views. Don’t miss out on this expansive journey through some of the best wilderness that California has to offer.

Don’t have an RV? Of course, anyone can visit these places without one, but a motorhome makes travel and camping so much more convenient and comfortable. Check out your local Sacramento RV dealerships, and then let the wind be your guide!

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