Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Chisum was the ‘perfect servant’

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Deputy Sheriff Troy Chisum, was shot and killed while responding to a disturbance, domestic call, on the 25th of June, 2019 at the latest. The deputy Chisum served by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for over four years. He has also served as a paramedic with the Fulton County EMA, and as a member of the West Central Special Response Team. He is survived by his wife and three daughters.

Troy Chisum had been a volunteer fire fighter. A paramedic is. He was a member of the West Central Special Response Team. He had served as a part of the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System Weapons of Mass Destruction Special Response Team. And, he served on the force in Fulton County, Illinois.

“He was a great sheriff and a deputy, and at the time, he was a paramedic, who is on an ambulance call,” Sheriff Jeff Standard said. “If you get into a car accident, you will be glad to see him. He had the knowledge, he always carried his medic’s bag with him in the car.”

So how, then, would the Standard capture Chisum myriad of challenges. Easy: “He was the consummate public servant.”

Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Chisum

Chisum, 39, was with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for more than four years old when he was sent on the 25th of June to a domestic disturbance call at the home of a man who the police are, sadly, she knew all too well.

“He has a history of fighting with police, the Standard,” he said to the man, Nathan Woodring, 42. “He has a contempt for the society in general.”


“That’s the reason why I have four boys and the two officers and the two detectives,” the Standard said.

The show of force does not matter. Police say Woodring shot to Chisum, to put him to death and then barricaded himself in his house, to enter into an 18-hour confrontation with the police.

Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Troy Chisum, contributed to numerous public officials of the hats — paramedic, the police, and that he had been a volunteer fire fighter.

The onset of the attack, and a tense siege this was followed by the underlined, yet again, of how dangerous a domestic disturbance call and, in particular, to the police station.

“People will fight and they will gang up on you,” Standard said.

It was the sheriff’s office was the first loss of life in the line of duty.

By default, cherish the memories of the alternate, and whose fast steps out into the hall and gave him away, and say, “I am!” to any request for help or to work on a civil paper to serve a warrant, or assist in the rescue of a cat stuck in a tree.

“He was a fast walker, if he was going to be his next mission,” the Standard said.

The reply to Chisum’s death has been overwhelming, and the Default folders are in the office, bulging with letters, cards and expressions of sympathy.

Chisum, who had a wife and three daughters, and often worked overtime to provide for his family. After work, he’d often head out to see one of his daughters, and sports, or just spending time with them at home.

From the time that Chisum is a member of the sheriff’s office, by Default, I was impressed by the maturity of Chisum is displayed.

It is how to handle their primary duty is dead, by Default, she said, is “a learning process, emotionally and professionally.”

Neighboring law enforcement agencies to be staffed with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office on the day of Chisum’s funeral so that all his colleagues were free to attend.

“They have stepped up to lend us a hand, so that we are able to deal with our emotions,” the Standard said.


Home-made memorial, flags and other works of art, with a picture of Chisum, the label is also in the cast is in.

A 15-year-old man from a Christmas ornament to honor the memory of Chisum, he asked for it to be given to the death of his wife and daughters.

Chisum’s family thanked the community in a public statement.

“To the general public, he became a hero on June 25, when he was killed in the line of duty,” said one of them. “For us, he will always be a hero.”

The statement goes on to say: “There are no words to describe what has been taken from us. Married at 19, and loved more now than he was then. Our world will never be the same again. That girls are strong and will get through this, too, is due to the strength, the courage, and the love that he has instilled in us. He was the best part of all of us. There is no better honor than to call him our husband and father. He is the greatest man we will ever know.”

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