“Full House” star Jodie Sweetin speaks out about her own sexual abuse: ‘I blamed myself’

Jodie Sweetin empathized with Christine Blasey Ford in an Instagram post Thursday.


“Fuller House” star Jodie Sweetin spoke about the fact that victims of sexual violence in the past and expressed her support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the midst of her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Sweetin, 36, posted a picture on Instagram of himself in a camouflage jacket, which read: “What Doesn’t Kill you F—s You Mentally.”

The photo was accompanied with a caption in support of Ford.

Sweetin revealed her own sexual assault encounter.


“I stand with her. I AM her. I was the girl that never reported, because I have myself to blame. I was the woman who was never reported, because I don’t want to go through the pain and the ridicule,” she wrote.

“The same kind of pain that I witnessed Dr. Christine Blasey Ford walk through today,” she said, referring to Thursday’s testimony from Ford for the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“What we saw today is about a much bigger problem of the survivors of sexual violence are prosecuted, convicted and re-traumatized if they do come,” she added.

Sweetin, a mother of two girls, said it was “easier to remain silent” because it was better than being ridiculed.

“And as we got older and it happened again, we were trained to remain silent. We had learned the lesson that no one will believe us. That even if someone has no consequence. We had watched other women come forward, only to be told that ‘there were no witnesses, so it is your word against his’, in the knowledge that ‘his’ story is always more believed than the hare,’ Sweetin wrote.

“What we saw today is about a much bigger problem of the survivors of sexual violence are prosecuted, convicted and re-traumatized if they do come.”

– Jodie Sweetin

The actress says her testimony is not ‘about politics’, but more about avoiding the trauma Ford experienced.

“I will not sit still. I will not keep quiet. Although I was never as brave or as fearless in the face of the inquisition as she was today, it has given me hope. That maybe, just maybe, female survivors of sexual violence can be heard. Even if our voice is barely higher than a whisper,” she wrote.

Sweetin is not the only actress to come forward and reveal harrowing details of their own sexual abuse experiences.

Busy Students revealed she was raped when she was only 14.

“This is me at 14. The age I was raped. It has taken me 25 years to say those words. I wrote about it in my book. I finally told my parents and sister about 4 months ago. Today is the day that we are silent no more. From all of us. I’m afraid to post this,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Alyssa Milano, Padma Lakshmi, and Lili Reinhart also revealed their own experiences in the run-up to Thursday’s hearing.

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