Fruit drinks are just as healthy as a fruit to eat?

As soon as a fruit juice to buy for your daily intake of fruits is that it is a good idea? Or you can get a better a single piece of fruit to eat?

“There’s still a healthy image of fruit juice but that needs to change,” says voedingswetenschapper No End. “Because the juice is just a sugary drink. A lot of good food there is no more, but the sugar is still in there. And I’m talking about pure fruit juices and smoothies from the grocery store.”

The most important reason to juice-to-go is the sugar. It is: “There are only two pieces of fruit a day is recommended, more is not better. A small bottle of orange juice to sit for about four or five of the oranges, which is about ten sugar cubes. By drinking fruit juice, you’ll get unnoticed by a lot of sugars inside.”

Because the sap is less saturated than the fruit, eat it, drink it quickly, too much of it. “All the sugars from the drinks can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

“Smoothies and juices don’t count toward your daily fruitinname”
No It is, voedingswetenschapper

“The Fruit should not be replaced by sap,” says the Nutrition centre (voedingscentrum). “It has been proven that the juice of geblenderd fruit drinks have the same health effects as eating the loose fruit. We have multitudes of juice under the be a sugary drink, which should be as minimal as possible to drink.”

The Fruit is being filtered and heated,

How can it be that it is a compressed variant for further improvement in my health? “The process is going on, everything is lost,” says de jonge. “It’s different for every product, and in the process, but there is always a loss, compared to that of fresh fruit. By the sap to the filter, the fibers will be lost. Due to the heat, there is a vitamineverlies. Especially, vitamin C is quite backward.”

“In a glass, fruitsmoothie, 250 ml are soon to be seven sugar cubes”
No It is, voedingswetenschapper

In the pureed fruit and fruitsmoothies often, however, it is a whole piece of fruit in the product, then the Nutrition is increasing. “There’s more fiber in it.” But it is also easy to be among the sugary beverage itself, and not the motor. “In a glass, fruitsmoothie of 250 ml or less are soon to seven, sugar.”

For those of you who love fruit and want to drink it yourself, or have a number in It is the way to go. “So, you’ve got it in my hands, and it is fresher than in the grocery store, and you can use it, for example, also unpeeled fruit in it. But, still, it has not taken into account for your day to day fruitinname, as there is a loss of fiber, and you’re likely to have more sugar intake.”

No fruit will be eaten to-day? “And compensate for that with a juice. For a few healthy nutrients that it is still in it, then you don’t have to drink it. If you want to drink, grab the water”, recommends It.

Only vegetables count towards your daily fruitinname. ()

Little research has been done to make fruit juice’

Floor Scheffer, professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at The Hague University of applied sciences, doing a dissertation on fruit juices, by the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM). They have to do specific research into whether fruit juice or not, an alternative would be to eat some fruits. “There is still very little known about it, and there’s not a lot of scientific research has been done. Therefore, it is still unable to determine whether or not fruit juice is or isn’t a good alternative to fresh fruit.”

In their latest study shows that fruit juice, for up to seven drinks a week have a lower risk and gives you heart disease. “However, firm conclusions are never based on a single study. Currently we are doing research on fruit juice and risk of type 2 diabetes. Also, there’s still a bit of a mystery.”

Up until that time, it is better to be eating fruit instead of drinking, set’s. “That is, at the very least well-known, that the positive health effects that it has.”

“It is the opinion of the board of Health, and that of the netherlands Nutrition centre, based on all the investigations,” said de jonge. “The science is evolving, but so far, it is pointing more and more obvious to the whole fruit over juice.”


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