From hemp sourced ingredient is CBD illegal

From hemp sourced ingredient is CBD illegal

Almost all products sold in the Netherlands with the out of hemp-derived ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) are illegal. That says, the Inspection for Health care.

That reports the Volkskrant. CBD is particularly popular as a dietary supplement in the form of CBD oil. In recent years, the sales increased dramatically. The oil is available for purchase from pharmacies, shops and medicine and helps against insomnia, ADHD, skin disorders, and osteoarthritis.

CBD is extracted from the leaves and flowering tops of hemp grown. This plant is related to cannabis (weed). Fibre hemp is allowed to be legally grown and contains hardly any THC, the ingredient of which users to get high.


According to the opium act, the cultivation of fibre hemp is permitted only for the production of seeds and fiber, but not for CBD. The Inspection for the Healthcare condones the sale of CBD and intervene only when there are risks. It is not yet registered as a medicine.

The PvdA advocates long for the adjust of the law that deals with the keeping and cultivation of weed. Labour mp Marith Volp: “at the same time, it is also necessary to examine how the CBD safe can be grown and processed into products for people who benefit from them.”

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